Nag Tibba Trek

The Nag Tibba Trek is of easy to moderate difficulty and can be tried by people with no previous trekking experience. The journey, which is divided into two corridors, starts in Pantwari, an antique village in the Garhwal quarter till the Nag Tibba base camp completing the first half. 

 From the base camp to the top of Nag Tibba is the alternate leg of the journey which is short and slightly steep. The overall trail of the Nag Tibba trek has a gradational ascent with gentle terrain and occasional steep areas. 

 Who can go for Nag Tibba Trek 

 The journey is ideal for newcomers who haven’t tripped on hilly terrains before. That being said, the Nag Tibba trail is enjoyed by seasoned pedestrians just as important. Nag Tibba also known as’ Serpent’s Peak’ is the loftiest of the three ranges- horse Tibba, Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal of the lower Himalayas in the Garhwal region, giving the pedestrians of any class an audacious occasion to climb the majestic mountains. 

 The reasons why Nag Tibba trek journey is perfect for newcomers- the journey is of short duration compared to the other Himalayan journeys. Depending on the route one takes, the complete journey and the trip will take 3- 5 days. Another reason is the trail, one of the easiest journeys in India; Nag Tibba is notorious as a downtime journey with no steep terrain and a thick subcaste of snow. 

 The route of the journey offers a wholesome experience of any longer Himalayan journey in just two days with Rhododendron timbers, ample natural beauty, snow( during layoffs) and the views of some of the loftiest Himalayan peaks. 

 How to prepare for Nag Tibba journey 

 Nag Tibba trek journey is kindly a more easy journey, and bone doesn’t need special medications to go on this passage. still, like any other, the journey of the Himalayan mountain would bear a necessary fix similar to packing plenty of warm clothes for the high altitude destination along with all the rudiments similar to hiking thrills, first- aid tackle, toiletries, water- bottle etc. 

 Besides packing for the right effects, you should also work on your physical fitness by going on walks or slow jogs a week before leaving for the journey. It’s more important if you aren’t harmonious with exercises and might need to work on abidance for the trudge or the advanced altitude of Nag Tibba. 

 Duration of the journey 

 One of the reasons why Nag Tibba trek journey should be your coming adventure is its duration. The complete journey is 10 kms and would take one full day to finish. Nag Tibba journey commences in Pantwari, where you can get to from either Dehradun or Mussoorie. your coming adventure is its duration. The complete journey is 10 kms and would take one full day to finish. Nag Tibba journey commences in Pantwari, where you can get to from either Dehradun or Mussoorie. 

 After reaching Pantwari, one would take off for the first half of the journey to Nag Tibba base camp; it’s a 7 km long journey which takes around 5- 6 hours to conclude. At the base camp, you can rest, appreciate the boastful surroundings and adapt their bodies for the remaining journey. 

 The coming morning the trudge of the remaining 3 km will continue, to get to the hilltop of Nag Tibba. The journey from the base camp to the peak will take roughly 3 hours to get to an altitude of,915 ft above ocean position and another day to get back to Pantwari. 

 Stylish time for Nag Tibba Trek 

 The stylish months to visit Nag Tibba is from late September to March, whilemid-November till February is perfect for the downtime journey. Although Nag Tibba is splendid in every season, making it a time- round destination. 


 Depart from Dehradun beforehand in the morning( rather around 6 am) to reach Panthwari village by 10 am. The road is smooth and the surroundings are tempting enough to make frequent stops. Nag Tibba, or the Serpents Peak, is the loftiest peak in the lower Himalayan Range in Garhwal. Nag Tibba can be reached by three routes, of which the one via Pantwari( Pantwari) vill is the shortest yet is dotted with stirring natural sights. 

 The journey starts from Panthwari and it’s a 5- 6 hour journey( roughly) to the first campground – Khatian. Soon after you leave the vill and take on the trail, you’ll pass the locally- deified Nag Devta tabernacle. After you cross the tabernacle, tread precisely as the path ahead is rocky, although well defined as it’s visited by goatherds. You’ll also pass many motorable roads along the way and walk on a trail thrusting through forested area. You’ll soon reach Khatian where you’ll pitch a roof for the night and get some rest.

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