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A home is a sanctuary that should be filled with items that make life easier and more enjoyable. While you may think of the basics, such as furniture, appliances, and décor, when furnishing your home, many smaller things you may not have considered could make all the difference in creating an inviting environment. Here are some small things you may not know you need in your home and their purpose:

Shoe Rack

Having a place to store shoes near the door helps keep dirt, mud, and snow from tracking into the house. The shoe rack can also be used for other conveniences such as umbrellas, hats, and coats.

Charging Station

A central location where you can charge all your devices makes it easy to track them and ensures that they don’t run out of battery when you need them. For instance, if you have SAS cables that you use for your laptop, phone, and/or tablet, having a charging station can help keep them organized.

Key Hook

Having a key hook near the door or in a designated spot can help you avoid searching for your keys when needed. This is especially handy if you have multiple sets of keys that different family members use. If you have small children, you can also jot down emergency phone numbers in case they get lost.

Lint Roller

Keep a lint roller handy for those moments when your cat or dog decides to take a nap on the couch just before guests arrive. Quickly removing pet hair from furniture, clothing, and other items is easy with a lint roller. The best lint roller is the reusable kind that you can clean and reuse over again.

Tool Kit

Even if you are unfamiliar with using tools to make repairs, it’s always good to have a basic tool kit on hand when something needs fixing. The most common items for a home repair toolkit include screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers, wire cutters, and an adjustable wrench.

Carpet Squeegee

Having a carpet squeegee can make it easy to remove dirt and dust from carpets, upholstery, and other places where it tends to accumulate. The carpet squeegee is the perfect solution if you have pets that tend to drag in outdoor debris or occasional spills that need quick attention.

Extra Trash Can

Having an extra trash can in the kitchen, laundry room, or other areas of your home makes it easy to quickly dispose of items without running from one end of the house to another.

Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is great for storing food in the freezer because it helps preserve its freshness and flavor. It also makes it easy to portion out food without having to thaw it all out at once. When getting a vacuum sealer, ensure it can work with wet and dry foods.

Step Stool

A step stool makes it easier to access those high shelves or even change a lightbulb. It is much more efficient than standing on the furniture or pulling out heavy chairs to reach something. The Acko folding step stool, for instance, is the ideal solution for those hard-to-reach places. With a singular click and fold motion, this helpful tool can be stored away easily until your next undertaking.

A Cordless Vacuum

Having a cordless vacuum makes it easy to clean up messes quickly and efficiently without having to worry about tripping over cords or trying to reach behind furniture. It also helps reduce the dust in your home since you can easily take it from room to room.

Magnetic Strip

A magnetic strip on the wall or in a designated area can be very useful for organizing items such as scissors, knives, and other tools, which is helpful if you have small children in the house who may not always know where to put these items after use. The magnetic strip can also help organize jewelry and other small items.


Ultimately, having the right items in your home can make life much easier and more enjoyable. These small things you may not have considered are essential for creating a cozy and welcoming environment. Incorporating these items into your home will help ensure that it remains a place of comfort and convenience. With a little creativity, you can even organize and store these items to make them look visually appealing.

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