The jewellery industry is huge and is ever evolving. It needs to be so in order to survive and keep in interests of its customers as driving force to excel in jewellery making. Over the past few years the number of jewellery retail shops and brands have consistently seen a rise leading to the increase in competition on the jewellery markets. Hence, the jewellers nowadays need to work doubly hard in order to keep their business afloat. They must have qualities which are essential to survive in this cut throat industry. Here are a few of them.


In order to be successful in the jewellery industry, one must possess in depth knowledge about the materials that are used in jewellery making and how they complement each other.  They must also possess the yearning to keep themselves updated with the latest trends pertaining to fashion and jewellery making materials such as lab grown diamonds and platinum metal. It is only when a jeweller is knowledgeable that they are able to assist and guide their customers in making a satisfactory jewellery purchase for themselves.


A good jeweller must be adept at doing a thorough research about the various types of stones and jewels and must be able to differentiate between the real and fake ones. It takes a lot of research to identify credible sources for the materials for jewellery making and also to know which material is new and popular with the crowd. Good research skills will also help you innovate and develop new techniques for jewellery making. Additionally, you may be asked to make an estimate of the price of heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to another and you must be able to do a thorough research on the materials used for making it and then quote a price depending ont heir current value.

Interpersonal skills

One of the greatest assets of a jeweller is his interpersonal skills. This quality is especially important for someone working at the retail store and interacting with customers. The way you interact with the customers plays a huge role in influencing their purchase. Sometimes it’s not the jewellery itself but the interpersonal skills of the jeweller that inspire a customer to make purchase. Oftentimes, customers love to hear about the inspiration behind a particular jewellery design before purchasing it. It is here that the interaction between the customer and jeweller becomes important and determines the purchase.

Hand eye coordination and creativity

Last but not the least, creativity along with hand eye coordination is a must have quality in every jewellery. Most of the jewellery items, such as a diamond tennis bracelet, are made with precious stones and metals which have an intricate design. Hence, one needs to be creative and have excellent hand eye coordination in order to work with such materials and learn how to them. As a jewellery you will need these qualities to master the art of fabrication and polishing of jewellery items along with digital designing skills for jewellery designing.

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