In the United Kingdom, a solicitor is similar to what a lawyer is in the United States. Furthermore, lawyers are usually classified as a solicitor or a barrister as they have been blended into one in the past few years. 

It used to be that the solicitor would hire a barrister to represent a case once it has been concluded in court but now they are the same. Not anybody can be a solicitor either because it requires years of training and experience. 

In this article, we will look at the different types of solicitors as well as what they do in the United Kingdom. 

What Does A Solicitor Do?

A solicitor or a lawyer is probably something you have heard of many times, especially with the famous TV show Suits on Netflix. The question is, what do they do? 

Well, a solicitor can represent anyone in court no matter how big the case is. Furthermore, they will usually work with a client directly, whilst handling all of the paperwork as the case goes on. They are not required to read all of the paperwork that is dealt with during the case. However, it is required that they have enough knowledge to know what is going on in the case. Including the rights that the client has before, during and after the case.  

It is the solicitor’s job to spend time with their clients or an organisation, to understand the case as well as all of the details about it from the client’s perspective. Additionally, a solicitor can represent their client in a low-level criminal case and a civil law case. Moreover, a solicitor has to hire a barrister if the court case exceeds those court cases. It is the job of the barrister to continue the case after that, whilst they remain in contact with the solicitor at the same time. 

What Are The Different Types Of Solicitors

If you don’t know already, the law is a broad subject, especially in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, there are so many laws in the UK that it would be difficult to know what every single one is. That is why there are so many solicitors out there. Simply because it would be harsh to expect a solicitor to understand every rule in the book. 

If you ever have a court case, it is advised you hire a solicitor that specialises in cases like yours. Not only will they know more about the different laws in a case like yours. You will also have a better chance of winning the case, depending on whether you are guilty or not. In this article, we will be looking at the different types of solicitors that the UK has as well as what they do. 

Personal Injury Solicitors

First on the list is personal injury solicitors. These are the solicitors that look after the cases of people’s injuries that weren’t their fault. You have probably heard of the injury lawyer’s 4u advert on television. As you already know, some injuries can affect your lifestyle, your future and your quality of life. Furthermore, they can also affect your salary which is why you need a solicitor. Their job is for you to get the compensation you deserve so it covers the losses that you may have because of your injury. 

Family Law Solicitor

Another common solicitor in the UK. These types of solicitors are there to cover any cases that are for family issues. They are common when a mother and father split and they cannot decide who will look after the child more. Sometimes, they will also decide on how much child maintenance the other parent receives to help with the upbringing of the child. These solicitors are very talented and have strong negotiating tactics to keep both parents happy, as well as provide the child with the best possible upbringing they can receive. 

Investment Fraud Lawyers

Finally, we have investment fraud lawyers. Their job is to deal with any clients who have lost money when trading or investing in stocks. This is something that many people are losing out on at the moment as they are investing in the stock market. The thing is, there are so many stocks and cryptocurrencies out there that it is hard to find a legitimate one. That is why many people are losing their money because they will instantly believe that a stock exists because of their lack of knowledge. The investment fraud lawyer will then try to retrieve their losses and take a small percentage of it if the case is successful. 

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