Triund Trek

Still, you presumably have heard about Triund and indeed have added this to your wishlist, If you’re a hot mountaineer. But if you’re yet to be introduced to Triund trek, let us do the honour!  18 km down from Dharamshala, in the stage of the Dhauladhar Range is Triund’s endless address. With the Dhauladhar Range in the background and the Kangra Valley on the other side, Triund trek offers stirring views! And these views keep changing their shanties with the coming and going of dusk, dawn and moonrise.

 Coming to the journey, there are relatively distinctly visible trails, leading across the luxuriant timbers of oak and rhododendron. So, you can fluently journey through while enjoying the encompassing natural sights! Can’t stay to plan a Triund Trek? I also don’t. Plan your Triund Trek right down and below is a complete companion with all the Triund journey details to help you out! 

Best time for planning a Triund Trek 

 First thing first, deciding on the time for planning the journey! The journey is open throughout the time except for the months of January and February! During the two months, Triund generally receives heavy snowfalls and that makes some of the trails fully unapproachable. So, avoid these two months and you’ll be good to go! But if you want our recommendation, we will say the time between March and June is the Triund journey. In fact, Triund is considered to be one of the journeys to do in India in March. The rainfall this time remains affable and you’ll get clear views. 

 How to reach Triund 

 Before you start your Triund Trek, you’ll have to know how to reach Triund journey. So, why do n’t we get that sorted! The base camps for Triund Trek are in Dharamkot- Kangra, Mcleodganj- Dharamshala and Bhagsunag- Dharamshala. You can board a flight to Dharamshala or Gaggal( Kangra)airport. However, the nearest road station to both is at Pathankot, If you want to take the railroads. 

 Triund Trek difficulty position 

 Let us break down many details and also come to a verdict, alright? The trail moves from gradational to steep ascents. That means, indeed if you’re a neophyte, you can journey fluently. Also, the distance to Triund from the base camp( any of the three) isn’t that important. So, you won’t get tired. principally, the first 5 km of the journey will be easy. After that, the journey becomes a little steeper and hence, will bear you to walk in a sturdy manner. The stretch named 22 angles is going to be a little delicate since it actually has 22 angles. 

 So, if you have an overall look, the verdict on this journey’s difficulty position is easy. But there’s a catch. The closer you’re to the downtime months, the tougher the journey can come. And if there’s snow, the trails will come relatively hard. 

 Let’s plan the Triund Trek 

 With all the introductory details in mind, it’s time to eventually plan the Triund hill journey. We’ll do so in two phases spread over two days. And among the three base camps, we’re starting the journey from Dharamkot base camp. If you want to start your journey from any of the other two base camps you can. The two expressions will remain the same, thrusting to Triund from the named base camp and also descending from Triund to predicate camp. 

 Phase 1 Base camp( Dharamkot- Kangra) to Triund Trek 

 Wake up as beforehand as possible, have your breakfast and also get started. detect the water tank near Dharamkot Government Primary School. Beside that water tank, you’ll find a trail going through the timber. That’s your way! After walking for some time, you’ll reach the Galu Temple. Then you can stop for a many twinkles and belt on some tea from the shop located just below the tabernacle. You’ll also spot the touring trail with a timber checkpoint. No charges will be needed, but your ID and packs will be checked. 

 The trails will start rising then. But you’ll be rewarded with oak timbers, Laka crest and clear views of the Dhauladhar range. From then onwards, you’ll face numerous carves( 22 in total), rhododendron timbers, a cafe and some dhabas as you make your way to the Triund! Once you have reached, first of all, take some time to witness the serene natural beauty around you. also have some tea and food. And set up your roof or stay in the Forest Rest House( previous booking demanded!  The distance of this journey is5.45 km and it’ll take you around 4 hours. 

 Phase 2 Back from Triund to predicate camp 

 After boarding at Triund overnight, wake over beforehand so that you do n’t miss the daylight. Trust us, the sun falling over the Kangra Valley will be a sight worth flashing back ever! If you want, you can spend some time then, clicking filmland and soaking in the beauty then. Once you’re done, start touring down the same way you came up. Descending Triund to the base camp obviously will take lower time than thrusting. And hence, it’ll be the stylish time to go slow and explore the cafes and other spots on the trails.

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