improving your travel experience

Technology is a big part of our everyday life. In fact, people on average spend nearly 5,000 hours on their devices a year, so it is no wonder that technology and all of its accessories are important to us when it comes to travelling. 

And with the many benefits that technology can offer, businesses are reliant on keeping up with the latest technology trends within the travel industry to improve the customer experience. From saving you money, including finding you the best deals, to easing the transitions between language and technology use across countries, making sure you have some of these staples is essential for your travelling needs. 

Here, we will explore some advancements in technology which are improving your travel experience.

Maps and advisor ratings

The creations of onsite and app-based maps are perfect for your travel. Not only can sites such as Google Maps let you explore your destination at street-level before jetting off, but you can get an idea of the businesses and restaurants you might want to visit while you are there, and a better understanding of how you travel around the location, the distances between landmarks, and the best routes to take. They often include advisor ratings from fellow travellers too, which can help in your decision-making. These are great for companies to maintain too as a good list of healthy, happy reviews will mean you are more likely to visit – in fact, you as a customer are 3.9 times more likely to try a place with good reviews. And of course you would – this is the best way to have a good experience!

Contactless payments

Technology can alter the way you travel, and with contactless payments becoming a more frequently-used tool, people are able to travel further and pay faster for their tickets. Whether you are looking to take your high end bikinis for a spin by the Mediterranean sea, or you want to explore the deep reaches of the Alps, you can book a hotel, tickets and more from your phone. You want quick results from fast decisions and the secure payment technologies and contactless methods mean you can create a last-minute booking or receive a quick refund if plans change. This provides convenience for you, no matter your location or future destination. Some 97% of travellers believe technology is essential for booking easy trips, helping you tailor the experience specifically to you with the ability to change up the arrangements without fuss.  

Translator apps

Going to a new country can be exciting but nerve-wracking. There are new customs, cultures, and cuisines to learn, and often there is the worry if you can communicate efficiently when you get there. With more than 7,000 languages, it is impossible to know them all. But with the creation of translator apps in the recent years, you can travel safe in the knowledge that you will be able to communicate with those around you. These include speak and translate apps, which can be a quick and efficient way of not only communicating with someone who speaks another language, but slowly learning new languages and their pronunciations. 

Technology is a driver of change in the travel and tourism industry. Whether it is for the ease of hotel owners to organise their bookings, or improving your customer experience by having trusted reviews from unbiased travellers to learn from, technology can assist you in planning the best trip away. 

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