best things to do in phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, is a popular spot for those who love nature, which is why if you visit the city, you absolutely must take time to get out there and see the stunning desert scenery first-hand. There’s something incredibly beautiful about the desert at any time of the year, and with tours, outdoor sports, and hiking opportunities abound, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Arizona has top hiking trails right next door and is a short trip away from the world-famous Grand Canyon. 

Most of the best things to do in phoenix involve hiking and exploring the stunning scenery. There are so many great options that you’ll be spoiled for choice, and with so many trails to fit all levels of hikers, you’ll be able to add some truly special memories to your next trip to the city. 

  • The Sonoran Desert 

The Sonoran Desert has so many great highlights and is the place to go for outdoor fun. You can book a tour and go biking, hiking, or rock climbing and get up close and personal with Camelback Mountain or the Superstition Mountains. Both mountains offer dramatic views against the desert and are a top choice for those who want to get out in nature but still want to be close to the city. 

  • Tonto National Forest 

This national forest is over 3 million acres and reaches heights up to 7,900 feet. It’s full of trails, viewpoints, and things to do. It’s also incredibly unique as far as forests go. Rather than the leafy trees you’d find in most forests, the Tonto is populated with pines and cacti. It’s a truly unique, special place that is a fan-favorite of residents for its variety of trails

  • Montezuma Castle Monument 

This stunning monument may be called a castle, but it’s a multi-generational cliffside dwelling. Either way, it’s an absolute must-see for those in the area – even if you aren’t interested in hiking. Of course, if you are an avid hiker, know that this destination is on the Apache Trail, one of the most infamous hikes in the country. The Apache Trail was once a copper route, but today it’s a 120-mile-long hike that takes you past canyons, mountains, monuments, and even old mining towns. 

  • The Grand Canyon 

If there’s one area you must see if you haven’t already, it’s the Grand Canyon. While you can just drive up to the viewpoint, this is the least interesting way to experience the area. For safety, it’s recommended that you book a tour. 

  • Planning Your Hike: Tips in Advance 

One of the first things you need to remember before you plan your trip is that you need to consider your level of fitness and experience. If you want to do something a little out of your normal range, go on a tour instead. This way, you’ll have people around you and the resources necessary if an accident occurs. In some cases, booking a tour may be essential. To get the best experience out of the Grand Canyon, for example, you’ll need to book a special tour, as the general public isn’t allowed access.

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