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We are all guilty of leaving the packing for a holiday the night before. However, we all seem to pack the essential products nine times out of ten. Underwear is the main priority when you are going on holiday as well as other items of clothing.

It doesn’t matter if it is for a long weekend, one week or a couple of weeks, there are still essential items that you need to pack. Here are the essential items that every man needs for their next holiday.


When it comes to a suitcase, it does not need to be too large. For example, a barrel bag can do the job for a week-long holiday for a man. It is going to have your clothes in there, two pairs of footwear and then your bathroom essentials for whatever you do.

If you want to rock up to your holiday in style, we would suggest purchasing a branded barrel bag such as Fred Perry or Tommy Hilfiger. If you are going to wear a mens full tracksuit then we suggest that you match that up with your suitcase or bag.   


Shorts are a must-have item for your summer holiday to make sure you get that vitamin D to your legs. The last thing that you want to be wearing is a pair of jeans or a pair of joggers when you are on holiday. Furthermore, you want to have several different styles of shorts for your holiday.

Jogger Shorts

Jogger shorts are for when you are lounging around throughout the day or going for a walk. With jogger shorts, you won’t be wearing these for your dressy occasions, just for an outfit during the day. Think about your poolside attire, if you are not planning on staying in the pool then we recommend that you wear a pair of jogger shorts.

Swim Shorts

If you are not going to be wearing jogger shorts throughout the day then wear a pair of swimming shorts. They are the perfect item of clothing for you to wear in those scorching hot temperatures. They are breathable and waterproof, everything that you want for when you’re enjoying the sun. Another positive about swimming shorts is you can have a dip in the pool or sea anytime you want. Make sure that you have multiple pairs of these as well, at least three that you can wear throughout the week.

Evening Shorts

These are for when the sun has set and you are going to a bar or even a restaurant. Again there are several different shorts that you can wear for your evening shorts. Some people like to wear denim shorts and other people prefer to wear chino shorts, it all depends on personal preference.

If you wish to wear something tight-fitting then denim shorts will be the better option for you. If you are looking to wear something more stylish, with a slightly more relaxed fit then we would suggest that you wear a pair of chino shorts.

You won’t be going out every night so again, you don’t need to pack too many of these shorts. Just make sure you have enough and then you can wear them a couple of times throughout your holiday. 

Essential Holiday Accessories

There are many accessories that you will need when it comes to your holiday. With you being in the sun all day, you are going to need some sort of protection other than sun cream. If you like to be outside all day, take a hat with you so it can keep your head protected from the sun. Another item that you will need is a pair of sunglasses, whether it is a cheap pair or an expensive pair of sunglasses, they are a must-have.

If you don’t already own a pair of sunglasses then do not worry, there are plenty of places where they will sell them. Tourist shops are those places that are a good place to start for a pair of cheap sunglasses. If you are looking for something that is from a high-end brand, we suggest you buy a pair from the airport.

T-shirts/ Shirts

If you are going on holiday for seven days, you will want to have seven t-shirts or shirts. If you are going for five days then you will need to take five t-shirts and shirts. You get the memo anyway. Now for deciding how many shirts and t-shirts you wear, we would recommend that you take more t-shirts.

With your t-shirts, we suggest that you wear something that does not show your sweat. Stay away from colours that will easily show sweat patches, avoid grey, green, light red anything along those lines. White t-shirts are the colour that we suggest you should wear for these.


Packing for a holiday can either be stressful or it might not even be that stressful. One thing that we do suggest is that you write a list with all of these essential items. Make sure that you also pack a shower bag with miniature-sized shower gels and shampoo. A shaver with a small bottle of shaving gel is something else that you will need for a holiday.

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