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Dubai is associated with images of extravagance, excess, glitter, glamor, and a good dose of luxury. This is what Dubai evokes, and rightly so.

The Emirati city has mastered the art of the grandiose and the dazzling buildings are counted among the tallest in the world. Its shopping centers are without comparison,  its attractions defy the ordinary. If you are about to discover Dubai, here is a series of valuable recommendations.

10 tips to make your trip affordable

Here are 10 tips for an affordable trip to Dubai:

1. Taste the local cuisine

Even though Dubai is known for its five-star restaurants, you can experience much more casual dining thereby heading to Al Diyafah Street to sample the delicious cuisine of reasonably priced restaurants and cafes.

With dishes from Lebanon, Iran, and India, you’ll be spoiled for choice and can eat affordably in Dubai.

2. Hop on the subway

The metro is clean, air-conditioned and without a doubt the best way to discover the city. Forget taxis and other luxury car drivers.

By metro also you can discover Dubai and it will significantly save some money for your stay in Dubai.

3. Or set sail

You can take a 10-minute ride in an abra (a traditional wooden boat) to go to the souks (markets), ideal for an affordable stay in Dubai.

Sit back, enjoy the view, and take in the contrast between old and new that is Dubai’s charm.

4. Shop at Karama Market

Renowned for its souvenir gifts, it’s the perfect place to do some shopping without breaking the bank.

And if you really want to get the big deal, you can even try haggling. You will be able to make a cheap trip to Dubai and please your loved ones.

5. Go to Al Ain

1.5 hours from Dubai is the fourth largest city in the Emirates, Al Ain. From there, you can pack a picnic and take a drive to Jebel Hafeet, an amazing mountain.

Or, if you are with the family, you can visit the Al Ain Animal Park, one of the most visited zoos in the Middle East.

6. Visit a museum or two

Most of the museums in Dubai are free. For an affordable visit to Dubai, this is a perfect activity. Why not visit the Dubai Museum, which shows traditional Dubai ways of life and is located in the oldest building in the city?

Or, go to the Camel Museum and have your picture taken on a stuffed camel.

7. Walk around the Bastakiya neighborhood

Although known for its modernity, this district has retained certain historical tranquility.

The streets of this former haunt of wealthy traders are now lined with cafes and shops – and you can walk around for free.

8. Watch a wrestling match

The Pehlwani struggle, to be precise. Every Friday you can join the crowds that gather to watch two men try to tackle themselves to the ground in the sand.

A perfect program for a Friday afternoon during your trip to Dubai.

9. Spend a day at the park

Dubai Creek is another great place for families, as it has an educational playground but it’s also a great place to enjoy the good weather.

You can take a cable car to get great views of the city.

10. Enjoy “Ladies’ Night”

If you are lucky enough to be a girl and to be in Dubai on a Tuesday, you will find nightlife in Dubai very affordable.

Most bars will give you at least one or two free drinks, and some offer champagne all night. Among the visitors’ favorite bars are the Westin, Carters, Boudoir, Double Decker, Longs Bar, and Rock Bottom.

Some other advice to keep in mind while exploring Dubai:

1.   Watch your manners

Dubai’s futuristic backdrops and Western trappings could almost make you forget that you’re on the Arabian Peninsula.

However, keep in mind that the cultural norms of the UAE are not those of the West. Thus, an outfit that seems ideal for an evening out could well lead to delicate situations.

Yes, you will find bars that serve alcohol and where the dress code is close to what you know, but trust the adage that you should always be careful.

2.   Don’t get the wrong weekend

To be more precise, be ready on Friday. Because yes, weekends in Dubai start Friday morning, with brunch, please. If you live in the West, you’re probably used to Saturday and Sunday weekends.

But in Dubai, it’s something else. The Emiratis work from Sunday to Thursday and enjoy the weekend Friday and Saturday.

3.    Visit the desert

No more than 45 minutes of travel separates the sumptuous skyscrapers of Dubai from the desert expanses sublimated by the dunes.

Take this opportunity to leave the city for a getaway in the Arabian desert. Climb into a hot air balloon and, once in the air, stay on the lookout for oases in emerald green shades, but also for gazelles and camels criss-crossing these uninhabited lands.

Those who like dry land more can take part in a sunset and sundown safari and storm the dunes. Whatever your preference, the desert will not disappoint.

4.   Explore huge malls

Emiratis don’t joke about shopping. Even professional window shoppers might be taken aback. And for good reason, the city’s shopping centers are absolutely colossal, and you can find everything there.

Designer clothes? You will find it. Jewelry? As well. Restaurants, souvenirs, entertainment, machines for withdrawing gold bars? No problem. Even if you don’t like shopping, the splendor of these places will be well worth the detour.

5.   Go to the beach

The beaches of Dubai are sublime. But also hot. Very hot. The thermometer displays up to 40°C from June to August, so there’s no need to take out your bath towel before winter.

If you are planning a stay in Dubai between November and March, on the other hand, you will arrive at the right time. The weather is relatively cooler there, which will allow you to make the most of the beach.

And you won’t be short of options. There are many holiday apartments for rent in Dubai at affordable prices that make your holiday unforgettable . Try your hand at jet-skiing or even parasailing to soar above the Arabian Gulf.


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