december weather in Dubai

If you are looking for an update weather forecast on the December weather in Dubai then we will give you a brief overview here. The temperature in Dubai in December can range from an average temperature of 61 degrees to a maximum of 83 degrees Fahrenheit. It is usually very hot during this time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t rain!

What is the current weather like in Dubai?

Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates. The city, which is also called Dubai and Doha, has a hot and arid climate. Summers are long, from March to November, with highs regularly reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. Winters are short with high temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius. Dubai receives between 200-250 millimeters of rain annually. In December, the weather tends to be cooler and softer due to the lower humidity levels.

What is the average December temperature?

The average December temperature in Dubai is rather high. The average high and low daily temperatures are approximately 27°C and 23°C respectively, with the humidity averaging around 55%. However, this does not mean that it cannot rain during December.

Can Dubai rain?

Dubai’s average monthly precipitation is 3.6 mm, and it rains on about 10 days/month. The months to be wary of are January and February because they have the most rain. However the December and new year just passed 2021 – 2022 it did rain. It rained heavily and showed rain that had not been see in Dubai for 7 years. There were 3 days of significant rain at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. The rain only lasted maybe for 1 – 2 hours each day, however it rained more heavily than it had in a very long time. On New Years day at the expo there was some very heavy rain which actually saw some people get trapped inside one of the exhibitions attractions because the doors were not able to be forced open against the heavy rain.

What is a relief is that this is very much something that does not tend to happen in Dubai. Workers in Dubai said that they had not seen this type of weather in December for a significant time. Therefore it is highly unlikely statistically that it will rain next december for instance. However, could this be a climate change shift that may see this usually hot and sunny country not have the December weather it has been used to?

Climate and Weather Forecast for December 2022

It is a well-known fact that December in Dubai brings a lot of sun but after December 2021 maybe next year take out an umbrella or go buy one if you don’t have one yet. The weather forecast for this January 2022, according to the experts, predicts that there will be high humidity but not much rain.

What is the Climate of Dubai?

The climate of Dubai varies depending on the time of year, but overall it is a mild and moderate desert climate. The hottest months are the summer months of July and August when temperatures average about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter in Dubai is milder than in other parts of the world with around 55 degree average daytime highs and 35 degree lows.

When is the best time to try visiting Dubai for the best weather?

Dubai is a sunny destination which is pleasant for tourists most of the year, but is it hot enough to sunbathe? The best time to visit Dubai is from November-January when the winter months are in full swing. It starts to get warmer in February and March, but this is when it can rain more, especially Dubai in March. The best times that reports back from tourists state that Easter (April) is a wonderful time to be in Dubai for the weather. The temperature is usually around 27 – 30 degrees in the day time so on a par with Greece in the summer. What is also lovely though is that the nights are warm enough to not have to take a jacket. If you like warm evenings and sunbathing lazy pool days then April is a great time of year to visit Dubai. September in Dubai gives you a sea temperature like a warm bath! Although the average sea temperature is not as reliable in December just like the weather.

October british half term and October the month in general also works well and has similar temperatures to April and may be far more reliable than the December weather in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi it is always a few degrees hotter.


For Dubai weather in December you should be aware that it is the coldest month of winter in Dubai. It is usually sunny during the day, but nights are colder than usual. The temperature is usually around 21 degrees Celsius or 73 Fahrenheit. The rain season starts in November and continues until April, so it’s possible to have a rainy day this time of year. Maybe have a look at Spain too for some pleasant winter weather that is closer to home in places like Mallorca and Marbella. If Dubai is too hot for you then try October in marbella instead?

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