dubai weather in december

The Dubai weather in December can be relied upon to be warm. Dubai is influenced by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Summers are hot with an average high of over 100°F, but cooling breezes off the water make it tolerable. Winters are mild with highs in the mid-70s and lows in the 50s. Dubai has three seasons: summer, winter, and fall.

What sort of temperature is it in December?

The weather in Dubai in December ranges from a low of 18-26 degrees celsius to a high of 25-39 degrees celsius. That means it can be a nice time to sunbathe, but not a good time for activities like scuba diving. Don’t think that you can be guaranteed warm enough weather to sunbathe though. Dubai weather in December is usually nice and of course far better than the UK, but sometimes if it is only 20 degrees it can be disappointing for the person who likes to lie and bake.

December evenings in Dubai

December evenings in Dubai are mild with an average temperature of 18-19ºC. This means it definitely makes sense to take a small coat of jacket for when you are out and about in the evenings. If it is New Years Eve in Dubai then party dresses and always going to be glitzy. Can you manage with bare arms though if your Gala dinner is going to be outside? We have spent a New Year outside on Gala dinner night with bare arms for the full evening, and another going outside in a small dress for the fireworks. You may have to borrow a dinner jacket from a male member of your party – but an exquisite party dress with a dinner jacket draped on the shoulders totally works as a smoking look in our book.

December weather in Dubai – Does it rain in Dubai at Christmas?

Dubai can be an amazing place to visit in December. The temperatures are warm enough for sunbathing, but the humidity is not too high either. The temperature rarely goes below 23 degrees Celsius, which makes it unlikely for it to rain during Christmas. However, the rain is unlikely to stop people from enjoying the holidays anyway. There are always plenty of water rides and amusement parks.

The chances of getting snow are pretty much zero, as the temperature rarely reaches below freezing even in the winter. The weather is usually dry and comfortable even during winter, but there are instances when it may rain. For instance, the temperature of the sea can drop below zero degrees. Weather conditions in Dubai may vary from very hot to very cold.

Easter weather in Dubai

Dubai has a hot desert climate, with average highs of around 34°C in the summer months. In December, average highs will hover around 25°C and it will be slightly cooler than usual. The low humidity means that it might still be pleasant enough to sunbathe, but you will need to apply sunscreen more often as there is the risk of sunburn. easter is our favourite time to visit Dubai for weather if you love sunbathing. It is around 30 degrees in the day and still warm at night where you don’t have to wear a jacket.

Things to do in Dubai in December.

December in Dubai is a great time to visit. You can enjoy the city’s milder weather and check out the different events happening around town like the Dubai Shopping Festival. While there, make sure to stop by the Dubai Creek and watch the beautiful sunsets. Moreover, you could also spend time at the Dubai Mall and even go skiing in the shopping mall if you are missing the slopes during the winter. Here are some top tips of what to do in Dubai whenever you go including desert camping!

Dubai Expo – What is it all about?

Dubai Expo is a big event in Dubai which will be held from September 5th this year. The event aims at showcasing the latest innovations in technology, sustainability, and innovation. The expo is about showcasing the latest technology to the public and will be a great inspiration for new concepts, inventions, and inventions. It will give the visitors an opportunity to get a glimpse of the future and to think about what they should do to shape the world in their own image. Dubai Expo will provide a platform for sharing the great ideas from around the world and to develop these ideas into action. The Dubai Expo is another great reason to take the plunge to visit Dubai over the coming months. Winter travel is always exciting – check out these top tips for winter travel in India too.

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