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As half of October has passed, it is time for you to prepare your computer repair shop for the holiday season. Most customers love repairing their malfunctioned PCs and laptops during their off days and holidays because nobody has much time to visit a repair store during the workdays. So, it is the best season for you to boost your revenue and customer base.

In this post, we will suggest how to approach your customers and make them purchase from you by offering discounts on special days such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc. With the help of pc repair shop software, you will be able to manage everything in your store and, ultimately, have some spare time to focus on the Q4 profits.

Black Friday – 25 Nov.

In the US, Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. And for repair and retail stores, it is the busiest time of the year. Similarly, if you also own a computer repair store, this is the right time to get the maximum number of customers to visit you, make tons of money, and grow your business.

Several computer users face issues with their devices but cannot visit a repair service due to a lack of time availability. And when the holiday season is around the corner, people look for a shop or store where they can get their PCs fixed at a reasonable or discounted price.

Look for what people want and market your business according to their needs. For example, offer special discounts on Black Friday and get your business noticed by potential clients, and you can do this by employing software for repair shops in your store.

Cyber Monday – 28 Nov.

Cyber Monday is when online retailers in the US offer discounts and promotions for their customers. Many people wait for online businesses and websites to offer discounts, and this is the day when most online businesses earn a considerable profit. 

It is one of the biggest shopping days for online sales. And this can be your moment. You can make huge profits by transforming your repair business and opening it to the online market. Use RepairDesk point of sale software as it will help you better interact with the customers and let them know the discounts you offer.

Super Saturday – 17 Dec.

Super Saturday is the name given to the Saturday before Christmas Eve. And for most shops and business owners, it is the day with the highest retail turnover of the year. As a result, they attract customers by offering huge discounts and gift cards. Also, shop owners hire additional staff members as well. 

Your PC repair store can also make extra money by fixing computers and laptops. Focus on reaching out to your audience and make them aware that you exist and are offering discounts and special offers on Super Saturday. 

Thanksgiving – 24 Nov.

It is a national holiday in the US, celebrated each year on 24 Nov. And like every other holiday, repair shop owners get excited to offer their services on Thanksgiving as there is a vast business potential on this occasion. People don’t have to go to their offices and want to shop, eat, enjoy, and spend time with their friends and family.

Similarly, several users whose PCs and laptop computers get broken are looking for some spare time to visit a repair service center. And this is again a good chance for you to approach the customers using the appropriate marketing strategies. For example, launch a new service, offer discounts, and make them notice you.

Christmas – 25 Dec.

Christmas is, without a doubt, the biggest festival celebrated worldwide. The event takes place on 25 Dec. each year, and people prepared themselves to enjoy it several months ago. Shopping centers, technology companies, and retail stores offer great discounts and deals.

If you are among those repair store owners who can’t make huge profits during the entire season, you can take a chance during the Christmas holidays. However, if you don’t know how to utilize this event, we recommend you employ RepairDesk pc repair shop software. It will help you manage the ongoing processes and market your repair services effectively.

Flash Sale 

Flash sales can be offered any time of the year. For instance, you can offer a 20% discount on your services under the flash sale for your limited loyal and returning customers.

Let’s say you offer pc repair services through a website, and for some reason, you are not getting many buyers. So, you can offer flash sales to get noticed by your customers, and ultimately, you can generate more revenue.

Closing Words

The holiday season is known for its perks and benefits for every online and retail business. And if you own a repair store, use these events and days as an opportunity, and invest as much time as possible in marketing your store. Also, employ a POS system in your store to help you handle the maximum ongoing process.

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