The first Initial Game Offering, or IGO, will be formally introduced on October 2022 by Binance NFT. Find out about our newest project to create the ideal launching platform for NFT games and players.

Due to their interesting game mechanics and potential for earning cryptocurrency rewards, NFT games are growing in popularity. Because NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that cannot be exchanged, they are ideal for use in games as uncommon items that can be gathered and traded. As the gaming industry grows the demand for nft gaming launchpad development services also increases across US & Europe.

NFT has recently become very popular due to its distinctive features. The fact that NFT metaverse games are decentralized sets them apart from conventional gaming significantly. These platforms are used by many players, who profit from them. The stats show that the NFT is succeeding to a significant degree. Many experts predicted, at a CAGR of 21.3% from 2022 to 2028, it is predicted that the market for play-to-earn NFT games will increase from USD 755 million in 2021 to USD 3618.4 million by 2028.

Primary Ideas

1. We are excited to introduce IGO, or initial game offering, our brand-new project to support the development of NFT gaming.

2. IGOs, or initial game offerings, are key gaming NFT assets from elite gaming projects that are only accessible on Binance NFT.

Gaming NFTs have rapidly taken center stage at Binance NFT. Since our launch in June, we’ve released more than 10 gaming NFT collections to a wide audience and level of acclaim. On the secondary market, some of these collections sold for 23 times their original price. Gaming projects need time, money, and a dedicated community to realize their full potential because the emerging industry is still young and underdeveloped.

We’re excited to introduce the first Initial Game Offering (IGO), our brand-new project to support the development of NFT gaming, as a result of our passion for the developing gaming metaverse. Top gaming projects will release Binace NFT collections with early access passes and in-game assets. IGOs are just the first step in the long process of creating the ideal launching pad for NFT gaming and players.

NFT Gaming’s New Residence

Many of these projects have struggled to find a dedicated hub to develop their game and community despite the growing popularity of NFT gaming, which accounted for more than 50% of NFT trading volume.

Due to Steam’s recent decision to remove blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency games, the blockchain gaming industry lacks a reliable game distribution platform on which to build a fan base and community.

The Binance IGO drops will build a gaming metaverse that links the world’s largest crypto community with top-notch blockchain games and NFT assets.

What are IGOs?

Binance NFT offers top-tier IGOs. Auctions, fixed prices, or mystery boxes can launch collections. IGOs can have multiple rounds with tier-based asset pricing.

IGOs are only for gaming, and every drop will include in-game items like early access passes, weapons, and items, as well as unique cosmetics and skins from Binance.

What are IGO Functions?

All IGOs will have a landing page, like our premium collections, so users can explore each drop and game. These pages are accessible like any other Binance NFT drop. These pages include a brief overview, development roadmaps, screenshots, available NFTs, and more. Imagine the project’s homepage as a Binance gaming metaverse. More on Play-to-Earn Games

Metaverse Games Become Popular

You must first make sure that you will enjoy playing the game in question before looking for the best NFT games available. Then investigate the in-game rewards available and the NFTs you can obtain. Some people even give away NFTs.

It’s difficult to create a game in the metaverse. Making a metaverse game involves a number of challenging steps. Many business professionals contract with trustworthy metaverse game development companies to create their games. Before choosing a metaverse game development company you must go through the below game examples.

1. RobotEra, a new NFT and Metaverse Game 

RobotEra is our top pick for the best NFT games to play. It recently started the first phase of its $TARO token presale and is proving to be one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in despite the bear market.

2. Best Metaverse NFT Game: Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a new doge coin. It helps users make money. This Tamaverse cryptogame uses a prize pool. Because 5% of all Tamadoge spent is burned, its supply is falling while Dogecoin has increased.

Tamadoge isn’t an NFT game. Its presale raised $19 million, but developers are seeking collaborations to turn it into a Metaverse game and introduce the coin to centralized exchanges.

3. Silks – A well-known P2E NFT game

Our choice for the best NFT play-to-earn game of this year, after carefully examining dozens of NFT games from various industries, is Silks. It is the first derivative play-to-earn metaverse in the world that simulates thoroughbred racing.

Silks is a representation of the $11 billion annual horse racing industry, which has consistently performed well in all market conditions, including during a recession. The sales and payouts for racing horses are on the rise, and 2022 will be no exception.

In order to launch Silks Horses, one of the most eagerly anticipated NFTs of 2022, Silks brings publicly available data and statistics about actual thoroughbred racehorses, such as bloodlines, training progress, and racing results, on-chain. The upcoming metaverse game has tonnes of play-to-earn features that give it a big advantage in the fiercely competitive video game market.

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