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CompuServe is the oldest email service on the internet but now this CompuServe service is no more. It is shocking because some users are still using this email, to access this email given options are there.

How to Log In?

For CompuServe email login, go to the website of on Google.

Click on the login button, enter your login details and press the confirmation option.

How to Sign In?

Those who are new and want to sign in. Open CompuServe webmail. Go to sign in.

Type your username and mobile number and password then select the ‘Next’ option. Now click on sign in.

Login Issues

Give a description of your issue in the service center of CompuServe which is now operated by AOI. Other than this try using a different browser to open up.

CompuServe Gold

CompuServe is the new version of CompuServe. To have process access to CompuServe you have to use CompuServe Gold. It has all the features similar to the old version of CompuServe but in a new way. 

Is CompuServe Gold Free to Use?

Yes, it is free to use. You do not have to subscribe to any premium to use it. 

Safety features of CompuServe Gold

  1. Screenshot

It prevents the software from taking screenshots to protect the information and data. You can also disable this security anytime if you want to.

  1. Notify Alerts

If some fraud attempt is made to collect your personal information for the wrong use. Then CompuServe Gold will tell you and detect these fraud websites and it also gives you a warning notification about these fraud attempts. Getting this notification we recommend you not go for this because it will harm your personal information and device.

  1. Enable and Disable Security

It allows you to enable and disable security features on your account whenever you want to.

  1. Spell Check

It automatically spells checks while you are writing an email. Incorrect spelling will be highlighted in red colour.

  1. Attach Files

You can attach files up to 15 megabytes in one email and can easily send them.

This is all for the CompuServe email. I hope you may find this article useful for your work. This email is one of the oldest emails used by people. Thank you, if you read the full article and have come to the end scroll down. We will bring more useful articles for you, till then stay tuned.

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