Notification Silenced Messages on iPhone

If you are an iphone user and are dealing with issue of silenced messages on iphone then let us tell you that you are at the right place to know how you will be able to fix it as in this blog we are going to provide the users with the ways which they can use so that they are able to resolve this issue they are facing. 

Notification Silenced on iPhone 

There might be many users who are wondering what does notifications silenced mean so for such users we would to tell them that it means that they will not be getting notifications sounds for the notifications they are going to receive on their device. 

And to fix this the users need to Unsilence notifications and also need to allow the notifications on their device so let us get started to know about it. 

Ways to Fix Notifications Silenced on an iPhone for the Users 

Way 1 – Disabling do not disturb and focus status 

For the first step the users have to open settings on the iphone and then they need to press on focus button. 

The users have to press on do not disturb option and then they need to turn off the do not disturb more using the toggle button. 

The users have to press on focus stats and turn off the focus status and once it is turned off the users can check if their issue has been resolved or not. 

Way 2 – Turning off focus under the messages 

The users have to go to settings and then look for messages and tab and click on it, following which the users need to tap on allow messages to access. 

Now in this step the users are supposed to turn off the focus button so that they can do so by turning toggle button to off. 

Way 3 – Turning off share with message 

The users need to launch settings app and then they need to scroll down and hit on the option of privacy on the screen. 

Following this the users need to press on focus option and then turn off shared with messages button which they will find next to it and once it is done users can check if their problem has been fixed is not. 

Way 4 – Turning off schedule summary 

Under the settings app the users have to find the option of notifications following which they need to look for the option of scheduled summary and as soon as the users find it they need to tap on it. 

The users now need to turn off the scheduled summary if it is still turned on and see if the problem is resolved or not. 

Way 5 – Disabling sleep schedule 

Another way which the users can try to fix notifications silenced is to disable the sleep schedule which the users can do by following the steps below mentioned for them. 

The users need to open settings and then have to scroll down so that they can click on focus. 

The users now have to go down and click on sleep button and then need to press on schedule and options. 

Following this users need to toggle off the option of sleep schedule and have to disable it. 

If the users will follow all the steps and ways which we have offered to the users in this blog to fix notifications issues then the users will be able to get rid of the problems they have been dealing with but the users need to follow the steps with caution avoiding any mistakes with the same.

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