NFC on iPhone

NFC on iPhone is a popular option for Apple users as it enables plenty of benefits. If you still not download NFC, tap here. You can download it from here. 

Apple Pay

You will need a compatible debit or credit card to use Apple Pay on your iPhone. To get started, open Settings and tap on Wallet & Apple Pay. You can also use the camera on your device to capture card information. Once you have the information, enter your password or PIN and click Done. If your bank requires additional verification, you may receive an email or text message with a unique code.

After adding your card, you can use it for payments at merchants who accept Apple Pay. The process is quick and easy. You can enter your card’s security code or manually input the information. Apple Pay also allows you to send an email, text, or call to confirm your details. You can tweak various settings to make the most of Apple Pay.

NFC on iPhone

More about NFC on iPhone

First, you must have a compatible iPhone with the latest version of iOS. You can also use Apple Pay on Macs and some Apple Watches. Then, you need to add your card(s) to the Wallet app on your iPhone. You must install the Wallet app for both devices if you want to use Apple Pay on your Mac or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay can help you avoid fraudulent purchases because it is safer than using a credit card. Your personal information and credit card information are secure, and Apple does not share your account details with merchants. In addition, your identity will not be exposed if your wallet is stolen. And since Apple Pay is supported by banks worldwide, you can be sure that your security is protected.

More about Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone by holding your device near a contactless terminal. When you pay for your purchase, you will receive a ping or vibration, and the receipt will appear in your Wallet app. The wallet will display the most recent transactions, and the user will no longer need to open apps or wake the display.

Apple Pay works with most credit cards. You can use your Apple Pay card to pay for purchases on public transport networks. Currently, Apple Pay is available in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, and the Czech Republic.

Meloenga digital profile

If you’d like to share information with people on the go, you can use the NFC-enabled Meloenga Digital Business Card. It’s free to personalize and works with most modern NFC-enabled smartphones. You can use it to share your social landing page, call someone on your cell phone, or even send an SMS.

The Milonga Digital Business Card also includes free name personalization. Its design features high-quality white thermal transfer printing and comes with a QR code on the back. It has been rated as one of the top digital business card solutions. Activate your digital business card with the included instructions or QR code.

Write an NFC tag

If you have an iPhone 7 or newer, you can quickly write an NFC tag to trigger actions when the phone is near the tag. NFC tags can be used for anything from shortcuts to smart home automation. You can even use them to make your car play a playlist while driving or to get directions home. You only need an NFC-enabled iPhone, an app that writes NFC tags, and the Apple Shortcuts app.

The NFC tag can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi without a password. If you’re planning a get-together at your house, you can also use an NFC tag to encode a secret message. You can even use an NFC writer app to encode the message.

After downloading the app, you can launch it by tapping the (+) symbol on your phone’s screen. This will launch the Trigger App. Once you open the app, you’ll see a new task. Tap the new task, and a new NFC tag will be created. If you don’t want to create a new NFC tag, you can use the NFC Tools app, which includes many writing options. For example, you can write a URL on your NFC tag.

Read NFC tags

The iPhone can also read NFC tags. If you have an iPhone 7 or later, you can write an NFC tag with the Tapkey app. This app is only available for the iPhone 7 and newer, and it is only compatible with the NFC technology in more recent iPhones. In addition to writing an NFC tag, purchasing various NFC products, including NFC tags, stickers, keychains, and readers, is possible.

The NFC tags are available in several forms, including stickers, keychains, and cards. You can also find HomeKit NFC tags. Even though some of these NFC tags come in different shapes and styles, they all work similarly. If you don’t want to purchase an expensive NFC tag, you can buy a cheap version of NFC stickers, such as the Timeskey NFC 10PCs NTAG 215 NFC Stickers.

Automate tasks with the Shortcuts app

Automating tasks can be a real time saver, and using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone will enable you to accomplish multiple tasks quickly. Many Apple users spend time performing tasks in numerous applications. Automating these tasks can be done with a single action using the Shortcuts app.

The Shortcuts app on iPhone allows you to create and run custom shortcuts. You can even trigger them using Siri, making automating tasks more accessible. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it on your iOS device and tap the “Add Action” button. This will display a list of apps that can perform the task you want to automate.

Best performances 

Automation works with Things to allow you to set reminders based on time, location, or environmental factors. Using the Things feature, you can set a particular action based on your iPhone’s site, such as the time of day. For example, if you are heading out for the day, you can configure the Shortcuts app to open the Upcoming section, which lists all your to-dos and events for the day.

Automating tasks is possible with Shortcuts on your iPhone, thanks to new features in iOS 14. The shortcuts app has many features that make it easier to automate tasks, and you can even set up automation for everyone in the family if you want. Hundreds of apps work with Shortcuts, so you are bound to find one that suits your needs.


Automating tasks with the Shortcuts app on iPhone is a great way to save time. But if you are unfamiliar with coding and scripting, you will probably be limited by the available options. Nevertheless, you may be able to find numerous shortcuts on your iPhone that will save you time and make your life easier. Hence, go ahead and explore these new features on your iPhone!

You can also use the Shortcuts app to schedule tasks. Using Shortcuts, you can set alarms for waking up, set reminders for going to work, and even put your iPhone into Do Not Disturb mode.

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