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Windows Hosting is one of the web services hosted on servers running Microsoft Windows Server. If you’ve had a lot of success with Windows on desktop computers and would like to continue using it, this option may be the best. Supporters of Windows Hosting plans will tell you that it is one of the most straightforward web hosting products to work with and expand your site’s functionality.

Microsoft also stands behind Windows Hosting, providing regular updates to ensure your Hosting is safe and bug-free. Technically speaking, Visual Basic and.NET can only run on Windows servers, so this is the only hosting option for these languages. The same holds for Active Server Page scripting (.ASP).

What Does “Windows Hosting” Entail?

Shared hosting services that run on Microsoft’s Windows OS are known as “Windows” Hosting. Windows Hosting uses computers running the Windows Server variant of Microsoft’s OS. If you have a lot of experience with Windows on desktop computers and would instead stick with what you know, this could be your best option.

Fans of Windows web hosting say it’s one of the easiest to work with, though mixing and matching features for expansion can get tricky. In addition, Microsoft provides regular updates for Windows web services, ensuring that it is secure and free of bugs. Regarding the meat and potatoes of the technical side of things, only Windows server Web hosting can run the.NET programming or Visual Basic languages. It’s also the best option for writing ASP scripts (Active Server Pages).

How Do Windows Web Hosts Operate?

Microsoft Corporation created ASP, a server-side scripting language. You can create dynamic web pages with ASP by embedding script code within static HTML. The server runs the program before sending the page to the browser. This can be done with either Visual Basic Script or Java Script.

Who Needs Windows Hosting Web Services?

Most businesses and large companies that have been around for a while and built their website and other systems on Windows applications are the ideal candidates for cheap windows Hosting.

Web hosting on a Windows server is the best choice of Windows hosting plans for businesses using for most of their IT needs. You don’t need to start from scratch on anything, and it will work in tandem with all of your current software. Also, the company’s tech experts, on whom you rely on keeping everything running smoothly, will be familiar with Windows hosting. To sum up, your IT department will likely have strong opinions on whether or not Windows Web hosting is the best choice for your business. Don’t leave them out of the conversation; let their thoughts shape your web host choice.

Top Web Services of Windows Hosting Plans 2022

To put it plainly, Windows-based Hosting refers to web services where the web server uses Windows as its operating system. Both Linux and Windows are widely used for web hosting, but Windows is the more popular option. In the past few years, Linux has been the go-to OS for web hosting due to its many advantageous security features. However, Windows has matured as a server OS over the years and now provides various benefits, some of which may be more relevant to your web hosting needs than others.

.Net Framework

The Visual Basic and.NET frameworks are only compatible with Windows hosting plans. Websites that need to run applications built on the.NET framework or websites with functionality built using Visual Basic have an advantage because of the.NET framework’s compatibility with Visual Basic.


Since Windows and Visual Basic are so commonplace, it’s simpler to find programmers who are comfortable with them. In addition, if your website is hosted on a Windows server, you will have an easier time creating applications, web functionality, etc.

Modesty Of Use

The Windows operating system is popular because it is intuitive and easy to use. Developers with experience in Windows web services will have a much easier time administering a server running the Windows operating system.


Good websites develop and expand over time. It creates its own identity and stands as your company’s virtual ambassador. The ease with which this occurs depends on the scalability of your website and its hosting platform. This entails a web server’s ability to switch to different operating systems. Cheap windows hosting plans can run all the popular programming languages and databases. This includes PHP and MySQL. Furthermore, it makes possible a scalable Windows hosting platform.

.Asp And Dynamically Database-Driven Pages

There is an incredible increase in the number of dynamic web spaces. The ability to generate content on the fly and quickly whip up new pages is becoming more and more crucial. Therefore, the Windows server OS supports Active Server Pages (.ASP) and other forms of database-driven web content.

Extensions To the First Page

Microsoft FrontPage is a well-known option for creating websites. Since Microsoft developed the Windows hosting OS and Front Page, a Windows hosting solution will work with all of Front Page’s add-ons and other functions.

Compatibility With Available Access

Present-day websites often feature databases. Therefore, you’ll need a hosting service compatible with Windows to use Access for your site’s database management. However, integrating databases is a breeze because of Access’s built-in compatibility with the Windows hosting OS.


The Windows server OS receives regular updates from Microsoft. As a result, windows hosting is preferred because of Microsoft’s excellent updates and customer support, often cited as the platform’s main selling point.

Before settling on an OS to host your website, you should determine what features and technologies it will require. Navicosoft offers a wide variety of Windows-based hosting plans, so you can choose the top web services that best fit your needs if your website appears to work best with a Windows hosting solution.

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