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“Health is a state of the body. Wellness is a state of being!” – J. Stanford

Let’s skip the introduction and talk about some real things.

But first, why did we write this blog?

Wellness is a journey.

But because of our modern lifestyle and fast living, we frequently fail to sustain ideal wellness.

However, technology holds a definitive solution for that.

mHealth apps are evolving in our daily lives like never before.

Thus, we have got an idea to share something epic and useful about wellness in the online world.

As a result, we have done comprehensive research about top wellness apps.

So, whether you are a wellness enthusiast, entrepreneur, or just a reader who is looking for valuable information then this entire blog is specially curated for you!

Explore the most popular wellness apps in the market

The aim is to bring peace of mind into the lives of the people.

And the below wellness apps are doing the same thing in the true sense!

#1. Headspace

Headspace is all about peace.

It helps the user to reduce stress, get better sleep, and make their overall well-being joyful without any hassle.

Furthermore, it completely supports the user to achieve their meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction, and adequate sleep goals with ease.


  • Comprehensive meditation guide
  • Daily tips on meditation and mindfulness
  • Track the progress
  • Better sleep tips
  • World-class experts for meditation and mindfulness training
  • Can attend the session on calm, kindness, and focus
  • Learn new skills with daily questions and answers

#2. Clue

Women’s health matters!

The Clue app is one of the most popular wellness apps for women.

It empowers women at any stage of life using cutting-edge tech and outcome-driven features.

Clue app allows women in tracking periods, ovulation, and pregnancy hassle-free.


  • FDA-cleared digital contraceptive
  • Enables to track period, flow intensity, and birth control
  • Set reminders for birth control pills, ovulation
  • Allows to discover the pattern of mood, exercise, cravings, and energy levels
  • Contains 30+ symptoms to analyze the pattern
  • Specially curated articles for the menstrual, postpartum, and pregnancy 

#3. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is a combination of wellness and fitness.

That’s the reason, it is one of the leading wellness apps in the market.

Because of the integration of the IoT such as smartwatches and other devices, the Garmin Connect app is widely famous among fitness enthusiasts.

And if you’re an entrepreneur looking for wellness business opportunities, you must build an app like Garmin Connect as the market for IoT and AI-enabled apps is skyrocketing.


  • The AI-enabled app allows you to create a personalized page in order to show the data that matters the most 
  • Insightful statistics that help in tracking the progress of your fitness and wellness
  • Customized workout plans
  • Integrate with other wellness apps such as Apple Health to get the best results

#4. MyFitnessPal

Ratings: 4.7 Star with over 1.5 Million reviews in Apple Store

There is no need to explain how MyFitnessPal is the most popular fitness and wellness app across the globe.

What makes it special is that it enables the user to reach their nutrition, weight loss, water, and fitness goals in the simplest and most effective way.

In fact, MyFitnessPal contains a larger database of over 11 Million foods in order to let the user get information about calories and nutrition.


  • Simple and quick food tracking
  • Track activities and fitness goals
  • Allows you to create customizable plans
  • Calorie, nutrition, and water tracker
  • 500+ healthy goal-focused recipes

#5. Noom

Losing weight is one of the most appropriate ways to stay on top for overall wellness.

Noom is special among the list of top wellness apps as it uses psychology to help people in reducing their weight!

Noom thinks that weight loss is always about a strong mindset and solid commitment.

4.7 star rating out of 712.9K reviews is proof of how its psychological approach is giving the results in the true sense!


  • Over 1 Million food items information in the large-scale database
  • Offers 1000 interactive and useful lessons
  • Personalized goal setting
  • The vast number of healthy recipes
  • Water intake tracking
  • Comprehensive support from the community groups

#6. Moodfit

Sufficient mental health is the way to enhance overall wellness.

And Moodfit offers fitness for mental health!

The app has seen a massive adoption during the pandemic as it comprehensively helps people suffering from various mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress without confronting any struggle.


  • Mood journal that brings awareness about improving the mental health
  • Take a small step to shatter the obstacles with daily goals
  • Education, tips, and inspiration content on a daily basis
  • Learn and practice mindfulness meditation in order to maintain an ideal mental health

#7. Calm

Ratings: 4.8 stars with over 1.5 Million reviews on the Apple Store

Calm brings peace of mind to the lives of the people who are confronting mental health issues.

It utilizes the fusion of meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation to improve mental health with ease.

That’s the reason, it is the #1 application for sleep, relaxation, and meditation.

Last but not least, Calm is recommended by world-class psychologists and mental health therapists.


  • Meditation session with the experts
  • Mindfulness topics include improving sleep quality, calming anxiety, managing stress, and enriching self-esteem
  • Learn to lower stress with meditation and breathing exercises
  • 7 and 21 mindfulness programs
  • Sleep sound and music to experience the best sleep

#8. The Flo

Flo is the most popular women’s health and wellness app across the globe.

It is the fusion of robust tech and knowledge of the 100 medical experts!

Flo offers more than just a product. It offers an experience. Therefore, it is chosen by 230 Million women.


  • Relevant and personalized plan as per your reproductive goals
  • Accurate period cycle prediction
  • AI-based overview of the body symptoms pattern
  • Ovulation calendar and pregnancy calendar

So, these are one of the foremost wellness apps that are helping the hands of Millions of people who want to improve their overall well-being. 

To sum it up

It’s essential to make wellness a top priority.

An outcome-driven and adequate wellness approach open endless possibilities to thrive in personal life as well as the professional world.

Health tech is playing a significant role in improving the standard of living with mHealth apps!

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