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If you spend any time working from home, be it a few hours a week or even full time, you will know how important a comfortable and fully equipped home workspace is to your mental and physical health, as well as your productivity. A home office that is lacking just a few essential pieces of equipment can make for a very frustrating experience, particularly if you have a client waiting on you. 

A Laptop to Last

A laptop is usually the central powerhouse to any small business, and choosing from some of the Top Laptops available to consumers that have features and settings that will last you well into the future is key to saving on unnecessary upgrade costs. Choosing a mobile device also provides a new layer of flexibility to your business, and you won’t be relegated to your office when it’s time to work. Being able to take your laptop with you and get some work done from outside if it’s a nice day out or being able to work from your bed when you’re not feeling well is well worth the slight premium for a laptop. The added peace of mind that comes from being able to work from a battery cannot be overstated, as evidenced by some electrical grid systems around the world struggling to cope with ever increasing loads.

Secure Wireless Devices and Network

Spending a little extra on reputable brands of tech can help keep your home and office secure, with the support provided often being worth the additional cost alone. Securely setting up your home network with modified network settings to make unauthorised access is a great practice. And, if you don’t know what you are doing, then it would be well worth the expense to consult with a professional. Some easy steps to take would include changing the SSID or removing the SSID broadcast feature and changing the password. Next, employ WPA 2 or WPA 3 encryption on your router, put a firewall in place, and employ a VPN to keep your private data out of hackers’ hands. Disabling remote access on any unsecured devices or any devices that aren’t necessary to the function of your business would also help boost the security of your home office.


Solar power generation has quickly become widely adopted in many countries because of recent breakthroughs in panel efficiency and cost, and this is improving year on year. Other than the peace of mind that a correctly sized and installed solar panel system can bring in times of power grid constraints or catastrophes, there are a number of other benefits that installing solar can bring. The most obvious is the immediate reduction or elimination of your monthly electricity bill, which can help offset the cost of the system and let it pay for itself in a matter of years. Other bonuses include the incentives that many governments are providing to solar adoptees for going the renewable route.

Boundaries in a home office environment are essential to keep your work life from spilling over into your home life. Set up your office with this in mind and employ the technologies you need to keep you as comfortable and productive as possible, and you could have the good life that most people only dream about.

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