When you go to the play store and search for What’s App what do you see? What I see is the number of downloads and the ratings. Whatsapp has been downloaded on more than 5 billion devices with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 rated by more than 150 million people. Snapchat has also been downloaded over a billion times. Now you can guess how immensely popular these social chatting apps have become.

What is the reason behind these apps’ immense success? The reason is with evolving technologies, the way of communicating with each other has also evolved. Now people are more comfortable dropping a text on these instant messaging apps than calling over phones.

But there are also plenty of immediate texting apps available on the play store. But why do only a few of them reach the pinnacle of success like WhatsApp? What features made WhatsApp a worldwide success? In this article, we are going to discuss all of that and what features you should add to your WhatsApp clone app as well. You can also talk to the best WhatsApp clone app development company to know more about it.

What is the main use of clone apps like Whatsapp?  Clone apps allow the users to create clones of different social media platforms on android mobiles. These apps are small in size and do not affect the overall performance of other apps running on your device. While building clone apps, you can also add some of your favorite features that you have desperately wanted in the original app.

Also, people often face the requirements of multiple accounts for different purposes on their devices. On the desktop, it is easy to sign in and sign out from different accounts but for mobile apps, the options are very limited. Many apps do not allow you to sign out unless you sign out and re-install the app. But it is not a very convenient option to look for. It is when people start using clone apps to fulfill their requirements. 

In the play store, you will find many clone apps that help the users to make multiple clones of different social media apps. As the user has downloaded WhatsApp clone from the play store now he can log in from a different number and use the same features that WhatsApp has to offer. Or, you can build a clone app on your own and customize it the way you want. For that, you can contact the best WhatsApp clone app development company. They will help you build an instant messaging clone app like WhatsApp. 

First, let us discuss the top features that you can include in your WhatsApp clone for the best services.

Top 5 best WhatsApp features to include in your  Whatsapp clone:

Though WhatsApp has more than 30 features you don’t need to implement all of them in your clone applications. Here I am going to discuss the top 5 features that you should not miss out on.

  1. Personal and group chat facility:  This is probably the most fundamental feature and also the most important one that you have to include in your WhatsApp clone. 

Whatsapp lets its users send instant messages to someone personally or in a group. Whatsapp groups are a group chat section where multiple people can chat at a single moment. 

Whatsapp has included multiple features to enhance group chat and personal chat facilities for the users.

  • Whatsapp allows a person to create a group that can have a maximum of 256 members. This is a very important feature where a person can add all of his loved ones in a single group and can enjoy a group conversation.
  • In WhatsApp, there are usually two types of groups. One is a personal group where you add friends or family members whereas the other is a professional group. In the professional group whats app has added a feature where only admins can talk. This feature helps to maintain a working environment in the group. 
  • For personal chats, there are multiple features that you can include in your clone applications. Contact the best WhatsApp clone app development company to include these features in your clone app. 
  • There is a feature named Pin that allows you to pin a maximum of 3 people on the top of your chat list. They will stay at the top of your interface and you don’t miss out on any updates from them.
  • You can check with whom you share the most time by texting. To check, go to settings in WhatsApp, then click on ‘Storage and data’ and finally click on ‘manage storage’. The top names you see are those chats you spend most of the time with. This is a very interesting feature you can think of. 
  • You can mute and unmute different chats as well on WhatsApp. You can mute those chats which you find annoying or disturbing, then you will not receive notifications from them. You can mute chats for a minimum of 8 hours to a maximum forever.
  • Whatsapp also provides blocking and reporting options. This option allows you to block someone you want and you will not hear from them anymore. This is a very useful feature that you can consider adding to your WhatsApp clone application.
  • Blue ticks are considered as one of the unique features WhatsApp has introduced. It works as a receipt that someone has seen and read your texts. Now you can also read messages without blue ticks in case you don’t want to let the user know that you have read his messages. Whatsapp allows a feature that you can activate and no one can have the ‘Message read’ receipt.
  • The two Coolest features that have recently got attention are Emojis and Stickers. With different and attractive emojis and stickers, you can not only convey the message but also can express emotions. Emojis make your texts look attractive and also convey the tones of your message whether they are funny or annoying. 
  • Adding shortcuts to important chats is an important feature that WhatsApp has introduced. With this feature, you can add important chats on your home screen so that you never miss the chance to reach out to them whenever needed.
  • A feature called starred messages help you to find important chats very quickly. Mark the message as starred and whenever you need to see the chat again, just click on starred messages and then click on the specific chat. Then the chat will open no matter how old it is. 
  • You can also see who has seen your message in a group. Thus you can tell who has seen your message but not responded yet. In group messages, you can tag different members by adding ‘@’ before their names.

A simple texting application is boring but when you include some of those interesting features I mentioned above, then they are going to not only make your texting application appealing but also draw more users.

  1. Sharing files including photos, and videos:  People are not just using WhatsApp because it is providing some cool features to send texts. Through Whatsapp, you can send any type of file to different numbers at the same time. But there is an upper limit. The file size must not exceed 16MB.

Any type of file including PDF, Excel, Docs can be sent through WhatsApp very quickly. Just click on the document and attach the files you want to end and that’s it. And not only text files, video files, audio files, and still photos are really easy to send and share through WhatsApp. You can share hundreds of photos and videos to your group chats and personal chats. 

Whatsapp has also added a cool feature where the photos you share can only be viewed once. After the message is seen by the person, the photo will automatically be deleted.

While sharing high-quality pictures through WhatsApp, it compresses the file sizes. Thus the picture quality gets reduced. To avoid that, send photos as a document. Then WhatsApp will not reduce the quality. This feature you should include in your WhatsApp clone application. The best WhatsApp clone app development company can avail this feature to your clone application very easily.

You can also share photos and videos on your WhatsApp status. This is a great way to let people know about your activities without directly sharing the information. Whatsapp also shows how many people of your contact viewed Whatsapp status.

  1. Audio call and video call feature: Though primarily people use WhatsApp for sharing texts and files, they also love calling features. This feature helps those users who have run out of their calling balance. Because WhatsApp allows users to call only with the internet. 

Audio call and video call, both services a user can avail of when he is connected to the internet. 

Group audio calls and group video calls can also be done on WhatsApp. Just enter the group chat and you will see the audio call and video call options on the top. You can have multiple group members at the same time. Sharing special moments has become a lot easier. To make people use your WhatsApp clone application, contact the best WhatsApp clone app development company and ask them to add the calling feature.

  1. Not compromising with privacy: If a texting app is not maintaining and protecting its user’s privacy, then users will be comfortable using it. Whatapp has its messages end-to-end encrypted. That means only two people sitting on each end can read the message, no third-party member, not even WhatsApp can read those messages. This gives assurance to the users that their privacy will not be invaded.

Also, there are a few features you can utilize to increase privacy. 

  • You can exclude people whom you don’t want to see your status.
  • You can turn off your last seen so that people can not know when the last time you were online.
  • There is also a setting where you will only allow people in your contacts to see your profile picture. This will not let any random person see your picture and last seen.

Immediate texting applications should always respect their users’ privacy and add multiple features to protect it. This should be their number one priority. The best WhatsApp clone app development company can help you build an immediate texting clone app that is highly protected so that no third party can invade your users’ privacy.

  1. Must have a web application: A web application is very important to have. Though most of the users will use your mobile clone application, they will feel the requirement of a web application anytime. As people have to use their laptops for different purposes throughout the day, sometimes they will feel annoyed to open their smartphones multiple times a day only to check messages. For this, you need to build a scanner in your applications like WhatsApp and a QR code on your web application. The moment a user scans the code with his scanner on the mobile app, the web application will launch his account. This i

If you provide a WhatsApp clone web application they will easily do their work on their desktop or laptop and also be kept updated with important messages. This will improve user experience and more people will like to join your clone app. You need to contact the best WhatsApp clone app development company to develop a web application simultaneously with a mobile application. Thus you will be able to capture a larger market quickly.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that instant texting applications have revolutionized the way of communication. Whatsapp is the most popular instant texting app in the world. You can make a clone of WhatsApp web but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Only building clone applications is not enough, you need to market them properly before it becomes successful. And also don’t forget about the application size while adding features. If an app is too big, especially a texting app, people will ignore it. Hire the best WhatsApp clone app development company to build highly featured clone apps.

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