Computer technology has and continues to play an intricate role in our daily lives, from the movies we watch, to the cars we drive, to the different ways we choose to interact with one another.

In this era, one of the most important skills one can have, is the understanding of computers, at least in that individuals live. Whether you’re on the trail of a hot new idea for your company, or you’re looking to develop your own application, choosing to major in computing will give you that edge you need, as you learn how to effectively tackle complex problems, in a career that will forever remain relevant.

If you’re thinking about studying computing, but have not yet decided, then this article is for you. Below you will find 7 reasons why this just might be the profession for you.


1. You Can Really Express Yourself

Does learning about new technologies or innovation inspire you? Is it something that gets you up in the morning? If so, then a major in computing may be just the right opportunity for you to truly express yourself. Once you make that decision to major at one of the many technology institutions, not only will you receive a great reception due to your avid interest in computing, but you’ll also be around people for like-mind. When you choose to study computer science, this will result in you spending a considerable amount of time studying different topics such as database administration, computer programming, system analysis, web design technology, enterprise architecture and much more.

Of course, the major goal is to acquire that job at the end of everything, but this can only happen after you have graduated in a computer degree programme. Once you’ve done that, you can expect to get paid for all the things you’ve learnt, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to make a lifetime career out of it.

2. Enhanced Job Prospects

Those students that choose to major in computer science tend to do very well getting full-time employment right after they have graduated. According to recent statistics, there was around 500,000 jobs just last year, with no more than 64,000 computer science majors entering the workforce in the same time period. Projected starting salaries was also the second highest, right after engineering, starting at around $67,539, this coming from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

3. Computer Jobs Will Stand the Test of Time

As previously noted, there are significantly more computing jobs than there are qualified people to fill those roles in the United States. From the period of 2012 to 2022 the Bureau of Labour Statistics projected that there would be a growth of anywhere between 12% and 37% in information technology and computing jobs.

If you spend just a little time going over the growth projections, you can easily see that there’s a massive shortage of talent in this sector. So for you, it’s something you do not want to miss out on, and a great reason why you should study computing.

4. Be Financially Secure

One of the main reasons why people, in general go to university, is so they can acquire a degree which will boost their earning potential. When you opt for a degree in computer science, you can be sure that you will receive a healthy wage, in exchange for the things that you will learn on your degree program. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reported that in 2019, the average computer major made double the salary of the average occupation, during this time period.

Of course, not all IT jobs are made equal, which means, some will pay more than others, and the amount you receive will depend on your experience and education in the area. People who choose to major in degree programmes that make them best studied to work as artificial intelligence specialists, computer and information research scientists, computer and information managers, and software architects, tend to get paid the most.

5. Great Working Environment

Do you like the idea of dressing casually to work? What about working in outdoors environments or in collaborative workspaces, instead of your typical small cubicle? If that interests you, then a job in computing may just be what you’re looking for. When it comes to relaxed working environments, the computer and IT field is the most well-known for it, with company cultures that tend to be very supportive. Of course, your work space will vary, depending on the actual company you choose to work with, but if you opt to major in computer science, it greatly increases the chance of you working in an environment that is comfortable and laid back.

6. Almost Recession-Proof Work

When it comes to the computer industry, you will find that there are hundreds of companies that are desperate for talent. As already noted, there are far more computer jobs than there are people qualified to do these jobs. These available jobs are only set to increase, as their rate of grow outpaces the rate in which people are opting to major in the computer sciences. If you take this fact into consideration, you can see why it would be an intelligent decision for you to choose to major in this field. You can be a part of that future talent, if you choose to take up computer science today.

7. Be Your Own Boss

Do you like the idea of writing your own paycheques and working to your own schedule? Then a career in IT may just be what you’re looking for. In this field, there are a plethora of opportunities for the self-employed, including small business ownership, entrepreneurship, and also freelancing. If you opt for a degree in computing, it can open the way for a great career as possibly an independent IT consultant, freelance graphic designer, or a digital marketer, just to name a few.

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should choose to major in computer science, with the reasons only set to increase with each passing day. If a degree in computing is of interest to you, then it’s most likely you have your own unique reasons for wanting to pursue a degree in this field. And with all the different opportunities and benefits that come with a degree in this area, you can be sure you won’t regret it, if and when you do choose to commence your studies. So, what are you sitting around for? I say, go check out a bunch of IT schools, and gloss over the various programmes that may be of interest to you right now.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

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