Rachael Blackmore

For Rachael Blackmore singling out success by stemming it in a specific gender may have become an old-fashioned tradition now. The success of a woman in many male-dominated fields was a highlight for the growing roots of feminism back in the day, and now we get to live through the days where feminism is powerful enough to be represented as a sturdy and giant tree because women have come far from being admired for only mustering up the courage to parallel their male counterparts. 

Women are elevated beyond the level of just setting their foot into any dimension of life, which is teemed with the male population, and this is the kind of history-making we are all rooting for. 

The title of Rachael Blackmore as the best jockey may have little to do with her inherited gender and more with her acing her sport on the merit of her skills, but this is definitely strengthening the backbone of the reality that gender does not always necessarily qualify or disqualify an individual for something. Rising as the finest player of a generation and claiming the achievement with an unswayable grip are the highlights of her introduction.

Let’s get to know about the embodiment of this wonder a bit more!

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Presenting Rachael Blackmore 

July 11, 1989, marks the birth of this future jockey sensation within the house of Killenaule, County Tipperary, Ireland. Nourished by the surroundings of the country area, Blackmore shares a deep connection with nature and growing up on a dairy farm inched her closer to being directly associated with some of the incredible creatures that develop the essence of nature. 

Therefore, hopping on a horse and taking hold of its reign at an early age was a territorial feature for her. Soon, the triumph of early experiences led her to mount a horse as an amateur jockey and compete against other jockeys during her college days. The interest persisted to a level that invoked her to take this as a profession after graduating. 

Highlights of the Journey towards Becoming the Best Jockey

It is not required of Rachael Blackmore to lift her fingers and dip the pen in ink to write her history. The world is witnessing her success, and plenty of hands are dipping several pens at once in the golden ink to capture her true worth in words. Her multiple achievements as a jockey and her brilliant career are not concealed from the common eyes. 

  • The First Professional Win

Only the period of 4 years, from 2011 to 2015, is what it took for her to go from an amateur race winner to entirely professional in her game. September 3, 2015, is the day carrying her first professional triumph in history. 

  • Conditional Riders’ Championship

Within a span of two years into her professional career, she had improved to the degree that she became renowned as the first female to be honoured with the triumph of the conditional riders’ championship that took place in Ireland. 

  • Experiencing the Irish Champion Hurdle Two Times

Rachael Blackmore was honoured with the win of the Irish Champion Hurdle competition, placed in her hometown, back to back two consecutive times. 

  • The Master of Cheltenham Festival

Debuting in this elite festival in 2019 and bagging away two wins in the first go was followed by a streak of good luck in this incredible festival involving horses. She won once in 2020 and later six races in a row when the year 2021 rolled in with the festival. This earned her the title of best jockey at the event. It was further marked with an award that made her surface as the first woman to be taking this win to her home. 

  • Winning the Grand National

The eye-witnesses of the passing and the rest of the world that got the news filtered through their ears will walk every day on the ground, clutching the win of Rachael Blackmore close to their heart. April 10th,2021, will be remembered as the day when a female jockey, for the first time ever, so tremendously excelled in her field that she was crowned with the achievement of Grand National. 

Final Note

Rachael Blackmore will never be replaced in the title, as the first is burned deep into her soul. Her feelings of disbelief are validated at this point. She has raised the bar to an incredibly elevated level because it is not an easy achievement. It took patience because it is built on the achievements instigated through childhood. 

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