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Use Hashtags

You’re thinking, “Seriously? Is that your suggestion?” But hear me out. Hashtags are still an essential instrument to Instagram users. True, Instagram is known for its silly and self-indulgent hashtags such as #nofilter, #iwokeuplikethis or the hashtag #selfielove. However, outside of the widely ridiculed hashtags, there are a lot of others that are used by those who are in the target group. Some hashtags have entire communities around them that seem to function as forums.

Finding the right hashtags isn’t as difficult as it was. Instagram has finally introduced an autocomplete function that gives suggestions every time you input the hashtag. The most useful feature is the ability to see the amount of posts posted per hashtag. It is possible to see exactly what users are doing with their time.

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However, simply incorporating any possibly relevant hashtags in your posts might not be the most effective way to gain publicity. You must use hashtags that are actually relevant to your business or specific target audience.

If you’re seeking supporters to promote your latest client’s guitar-based website You can certainly make use of #music. However, that’s too general. It’s got a huge reach and has 181 million active posts as of the moment of writing, which is an awful lot of competition. It’s too much noise to be noticed. There is a possibility of using #guitar however it’s 22 million posts which is still a significant amount of noise. #guitars on the other hand, has a less overwhelming 1.9 million.

Like SEO however, the more you dig, the more you’ll discover the great things that convert. By using the autosuggest feature that the hashtags #guitarshop customguitar, #customguitars and #handmadeguitars appeared in between 80 and 200k pages. These are the places where your ideal customers are, so the more you establish an appearance, the more people will be following your. It’s possible to get some of the most popular posts within a specific niche.

Let me remark on the communities that pop up around hashtags. You’ll want to discover areas where people hang out, for instance, #guitarplayers or #indierockalabama. These are the places that a large number of potential fans meet and make friends.

Because they’re not as crowded as music, your posts will be seen by the most longer so that more people can look you up follow you and begin to appreciate you.

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Adding Hashtags

The two other things you must be aware of when using hashtags in order to look for followers is the number to include and the places you should use hashtags. Instagram permits the use of up to thirty hashtags in a posting, however you shouldn’t necessarily make use of more than that (it appears like you’re being spammy). A few case studies have revealed that engagement levels tend to decrease when you have 10 hashtags.

Incorporating too many hashtags into your post could appear to be spammy as well. It is possible to avoid that by placing 5 dots on five lines, so that your post is a blur in the feeds of people. In addition is that you can also add an additional comment to your image that is nothing more than hashtags and IG will continue to index your photo using hashtags. However, it must be the first comment due to the way that IG algorithms function, you must post the comment as soon as it’s published. If you don’t, you could lose some of your juice and be unable to reach some potential followers.

You can also include hashtags in Stories, as well. When you’re recording your day, or having a good time doing something fun or silly add hashtags to the box for text. They’re searchable! They may not look good in the layout of your post So, you can reduce the hashtag box to a smaller size and cover it with a supersized Emoji. An instant, expanded audience (or is it Insta an expanded audience?) who will be able to see the real you and follow youbecause your story proves that you’re awesome enough to follow.

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Be Social

Instagram is a social media platform. It is therefore essential to be active on social media. It’s easy to shout all late night. However, if would like to know how to gain followers on Instagram it is essential to be someone they’d like to follow.

  • Like photos of other people and post comments. The activity will be visible to your followers and creates a circular network. You are a fan of their content and then they click on yours and then like it. Eventually then someone else follows their post and follows them enough to follow you. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your followers these days however, it also means that you must be active on IG rather than just posting and then abandoning. You won’t get a million shares and retweets to be posted on IG as you would with other social media platforms. It’s a lot of work. Sorry!
  • Chat with people and make comments. If you receive a comment on a blog post, respond to it! Begin a conversation with other people. Join in conversations with someone else’s picture. Conversations are read in their comments. And having followers won’t matter much when they’re not actively engaged. Therefore, engage them.
  • Tag individuals in your comments and posts. The circular nature of IG occurs when you begin to tag people in your posts or in your comments. This shows that you’re involved with the community. As you become friends and begin becoming acquainted with them, they will notice or publish things you’d like to be able to share with them. Check out this stunning design I created using Elegant Themes’ Divi! Take for example. It doesn’t matter if it’s a company as well as an individual occasionally they’ll see this kind of thing and post the image on their Facebook page (which could result in thousands of followers as well as engagement for you).

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Embed Your Photos, Don’t Link to Them

People love sliders. You may love sliders. and galleries with images. I’d wager $5 that you’ve searched for the WordPress Instagram feed or something like that, right? It’s a network that is focused on photos which is why you’ll want to display your beautiful, gorgeous photos.

These don’t always gain you followers, however. They may however, but they aren’t required to hyperlink on the post’s original content in an easy way. However, you can incorporate images from your IG posts directly into your website’s pages and posts. If done properly and placed in your most popular posts instead of traditional uploaded images, you will be able to increase your Instagram followers quickly.

It must be done using a full computer browser and is not possible mobile. Therefore, go on to your Instagram profile (though it is possible to do it from any other page technically) and select the photo you’d like to embed and then expand it. Click the ellipsis at the lower right of the modal, click embed and it will open a new modal window where you can take the embed code and copy it.

Then, it’s an easy trip back to your WordPress dashboard and then the page or post editor. Make sure that you’re on the Text tab and not Visual. Copy the embed code in the location you’d like it to be. (You could also utilize Divi Code Module to do this, as well. Additionally, you can embed a post to the footer or sidebar of any widget that supports HTML.)

After that you’ve given your readers the chance to connect and follow you. You can invite them to follow you by clicking the Follow button directly on your post and even share and comment on it. Or, they can simply look through the conversations that are already in place.

Embedding your posts on Instagram is an excellent way to gain more followers Instagram. However, it shouldn’t be used for every picture on your website. Each embed uses the script in its external location as well as additional CSS styles, which, if employed too frequently, may cause slow loading times. Also, you won’t receive the boost in SEO by using images, alt text and all that nice things.

If you use it correctly when done correctly, you’ll see an increase in the number of Instagram followers.

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Now You Know How to Get Followers on Instagram! Yay!

The days of putting some hashtags and then going about our daily business are over. With the advent of stories and an increase in followers, gaining followers on Instagram isn’t the same as it was in the past. You can’t post a photo and expect people find you, let alone follow your account. You need to come up with an approach. In essence, you already need to learn how to acquire followers on Instagram otherwise you’re likely to gain any. or at the very least enough to make it function for you.

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Now you’re aware. You’ve got the tactics that have proven successful for users now it’s time to get out there and hashtag your heart and create as many new online friends as you can.

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