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Snapchat is one of the best social media platforms which are available to users and it is also quite famous among users. The reason why Snapchat is so much famous among users is because of the fantastic features which it offers to its users. Now you can also add music to Snapchat stories.

Users of Snapchat usually love to maintain streaks with their friends and this is a feature that is not available on all social media platforms and this somehow makes this platform different from others. 

What is Snapchat Adding Music Feature 

Snapchat has an amazing feature of adding music to the Snapchat story or snaps but not many people know how to add music to Snapchat which is why this blog has been created for such users so that they can try to add music to their stories and pictures. By adding music the users can make their stories and snaps more creative. 

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Steps To Add Music to Snapchat Stories Or Snaps

In this blog here are the steps which users can use when they want to know how to add music to Snapchat stories so that the users can use them so let us begin to see the steps. In order to get the best results the users are supposed to follow each and every step carefully. 

1. For the first step the users need to open Snapchat and then they need to tap on the music icon which the users will see on the right side of the screen. 

2. In this step the users will get the music that they need to add to the story and when the users find the music they can simply tap on the music they wish to add. 

3. The users can hold the music scrubber and then select the part they wish to add to their snap and then they need to simply record a video or they can also add a picture. 

4. As soon as the users add the music their story on snap will be posted with music and will be available to all their users. 

If the users will follow the steps which have been mentioned for them in the blog for how to add music to Snapchat pictures then the users will get to add the music they want and make their picture as well as their story and make them attractive and creative.

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