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Why put aside your dream any longer? It’s time to turn your residential dream into reality and buy a bungalow you’ve admired for years. RoyaleLife brings brand new, wholly furnished Bungalows that are the epitome of luxury and are available across the United Kingdom in some of the most sought-after sites. Royale Life’s prestigious gated residential Bungalows give a warm welcome to its investors, so why are you waiting?

What Is Royale Life

As the name indicates, RoyaleLife is a boasting location mending together the coastal and forest view, and it offers a choice to pick homes at stunning locations throughout the United Kingdom. It is a choice for a large population for their future security and wellness after retirement and even middle age. The difference between traditional houses and Royal Life is the method of construction. Royal Life homes are timber-framed and mounted on steel-framed robust. The exterior is a textured finish, rugged and weatherproof. Fully furnished homes at Royal Life with integrated appliances, built-in cupboards, and wardrobes are calling your name! The central heating and double glazings are installed as a standard at Royal Life, with the carpeting throughout.

Who are RoyaleLife Bungalows For

RoyaleLife bungalows are a dream for all people hitting or near retirement age, but this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones interested in investing in the RoyaleLife bungalows as an asset. The minimum age to buy the Royal Life bungalows has been to be people in their mids 40’s. Royal Life homes were constructed under careful and controlled workshop conditions to BS3632 standard. This standard means that Royal Life has high insulation levels and is energy-efficient, making them comfortable all year. They are transported to the developments where they are located and connected to mains services. These services include electricity, drainage, and main gas.

Sale On Royale Life Residential Bungalows 

You might have built your interest by reading up until here, but here comes the best part! We’re looking for a good deal and when there’s a sale on it, call it done. Different locations are worth investing with their scenic beauty making one feel alive. The locations that are on sale are as follows; 

  1. Ash Close, Fishponds, Bristol BS16
  2. Glen Parks Garden, Bristol BS5
  3. Glen Park Gardens, St. George, Bristol BS5
  4. Sandhurst Close, Patchway, Bristol, Gloucestershire BS34
  5. Park Hill, Shire Hampton, Bristol BS11
  6. Parkers Close, Brentry, Bristol BS10
  7. Gordano Gardens, Easton-In-Gordano, Bristol BS20
  8. Frenchay Close, Bristol BS16
  9. Wyck Beck Road, Henbury, Bristol BS10
  10. Lake Road, Bristol BS10
  11. Old Priory Road, Easton-In-Gordano, Bristol BS20
  12. Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10

Prices That Will Make You Jump

The price for the Royal Life bungalows makes you want to wait no longer and make an investment for the time being! The estate charges cover the land over which the homes are located. The estate charge of Royal LifeS capped by the Retail Price Index (RPI). The estate charge is reviewed every year and increases only with inflation. You own the home, and Royal Life provides an in-perpetuity offer lease on the plot. This lease offer means no set lease period is in place for as long as the estate charges are paid. The sale price range starts from 82,498 up to 799,995. Get your hands on this long-term investment now! 

Is It Worth It

Laws have developed to make investors of Royal Life feel comfortable in their choice of beginning a fresh start without regrets. How is this so? Laws over the years developed to provide a legal framework that protects the rights of the owner of the homes on their assets of residential developments. The security of tenure marks its single most important safeguard, and the right to sell the home they bought during the development is provided to homeowners by law. There are marked rules about inheritance controlling the way the estate charge reviews. One concern you may have is who will own the property after you, and it is simple, you pick who will own it through your will. It could be your next family member or anyone you know, but they should be at least in their mid-40s.

What Are You Waiting For

In the experience of many asset holders, the homes hold their value and reflect the local property market. This ownership marks a down to the quality of build for Royal Life. Increasing demand more than ever for bungalow homes, and the fact that the developments are unmatched by competitors and are readily improving facilities and surroundings

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