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The problem of water damage can happen anytime and anywhere in your home or business. For example, due to rain or areas where the building faces snowfall, a lot of water is used. In short, water damage is a massive hazard that can happen more often than you realize. Apart from that, it can happen in any type of building, be it old or new, and can result in many issues leaving homeowners in a mess.

That’s why it is essential to inspect your home or building before buying or renting. Moreover, if you find any type of leakage in your home or building, don’t ignore it; rather, call the professional for water damage repair San Diego as soon as possible. Now the question arises: what are the top water damage signs in your home that need serious concern?

So, get this answer let’s talk about those water damage signs: –

  1. Foul odor

It is true that unseen moisture in-home or business is the perfect breeding ground for both mildew and mold. If there are any types of water leaks in your building for an extended period, it will create a musty odor which is intolerable. So, if you are noticing such a smell in your building, inspect that area and check whether any type of leakage is visible or not. 

If the leakage is not visible, then check for the damp or humid area. In addition, if there is such odor in old homes, especially in the basement and attic, it can be a bad sign. So, if your building has a musty odor, don’t ignore it and hire a home water damage professional. 

  • Water lines on the wall

This is one of the most common water damage signs that need immediate attention from professional water damage repair. If you notice water lines running on the walls, it surely means that there is something wrong. However, there are two types of water lines, and one is regular water lines from the roof of the house towards down, which shows a leak in the home plumbing system. 

Moreover, if you are noticing wet spots near a water line, it indicates there is water damage in the home or business. On top of that, second water lines are connected to the outside of the house or business. That means if there is a water line coming from the inside towards the outside, it indicates water is trickling inside. Well, the most common reason for this is that the dryer is not working correctly.

  • Appliance issues

There are a number of electrical appliances in your home that use water, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, a water heater, etc. However, it is true that these appliances develop cracks and rust over time. That means once the hoses of these appliances deteriorate, it will surely contribute to water damage. 

So, if you want to get rid of water damage, then ensure to check and maintain them regularly. Some of these electrical appliances are: –

  • Washing machine
  • Water heater
  • HVAC Unit
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator

          If you ignore them and don’t go for regular maintenance, moisture will       start developing, which leads to mold and mildew.

  • Fading paint

This is another warning sign that indicates there is water damage in your home or business. The fading of paint happens when the wood under the paint dry out, which can only happen due to water damage. But before you come to the final decision that there is water damage in your home, ensure to call the professional for an inspection. 

  • Puddles and pools

If you have noticed leaking or dripping of water in your home, it will surely leave small pools of water. Apart from that, if there is an unusual puddle in your house, make sure to clean it properly and check if they will come back or not. If by chance, these puddles come back after a few hours, then there is water damage in your home which needs professional repair.

  • Mold formation

Mold is a very dangerous airborne fungus that you will see where there is excess dampness and moisture. If there is an area of your home like walls, ceilings, wood, carpets, or any other places that remain damp for an extended period of time that welcome mold.

One such sign of mold growth in your home is a musty smell. In that case, inspect the whole house and look for dampness, humidity, or wet surfaces. Mainly, the mold looks blue, green, or black in the shade and often appears fuzzy and grows out of sight. 

Moreover, look for mold under the carpets, behind bathroom or kitchen tiles, inside ceilings or walls, etc. 

  • Increased utility bills

A sudden spike in utility bills is another sign that indicates there is water damage in your home. To confirm, first switch off the main water valve of your home and check the water meter. If it is still running, then it shows any plumbing system or any other thing is leaking because of which water is getting wasted and increasing your utility bills.

  • Health issues

If any of the family members in your home is becoming sick or have developed flu symptoms that are not subsiding, then it shows that mold is growing in your home. Remember, various types of mold are hazardous after inhalation. So, call the professional of water damage repair for the inspection in order to find the primary source of the issue. 

The bottom line

The above are some of the top water damage warning signs in your home because of this, and you have to call the home water damage repair professional for the inspection. But ensure not to ignore the above signs as it can lead to more expensive repair than initial. 

Apart from that, make sure only to call the trustworthy company for water damage repair as there are many such companies in the market who promise to offer the best work but not. So, search thoroughly and then hire the best company for the repair. 

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