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Deciding if childcare centres are good for your kid is easier said than done. Especially if you are moving to Sydney with your baby, there is a chance that you will be left guilty of not choosing the right daycare option. Or if you decide not to send your kids to the daycare centres- you probably don’t know the benefits of Daycare for Parents if you pay attention to myths. 

So, to help the parents planning to shift Sydney with their little heroes, we have prepared an ultimate guide to child daycare options.  

Let’s understand the concept of child daycare options. 

A daycare is designed to help busy parents in the best upbringing of their children. Children at daycare centres get enough attention, love, support and a home-like environment which ensures they don’t leave unattended without parents.  

Daycare solutions help parents manage their profession and children simultaneously. 

Those planning to migrate to Australia should be aware of the National Quality Framework (NQF). It provides a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality enhancement for early childhood schooling and care. It supervises and monitors the regulation of childcare centres in Australia.

Child Care Types in Australia

There are various types of daycare solutions accessible in Australia:

  • Long Day Care- This is one of the most popular daycare solutions. These centre-based daycare solutions provide whole-day early childhood education and training to children from 0 to 6 years old. 
  • Family Day Care- Known as one of the most versatile ECECs, which includes casual, overnight, all-day, part-time, before/after school hours care, and school holiday care. 
  • In-Home Care- Another type of child day care option is in-home care. This is also flexible child care provided by a trained coach in the kids’ home.
  • Occasional Care- Under occasion care options, parents get the option to choose when the need arises. You can choose occasional care when you get unpredictable or irregular working hours. 

Is daycare a costly option in Australia?

The good childcare option would cost you around 118.36 per day in Australia. However, it varies depending on which city you’re from. Sydney, child care services are recognised among the best and most expensive- although, soon, you will realise this is worth the cost. 

Which is the most popular daycare option in Australia?

Centre-based day care option is one of the most popular choices among parents in Australia, especially among families who have regular work during weekdays. These centres can either be federally owned or publicly funded. These centres operate in a group setting. 

Also, the parents planning to apply for childcare subsidies must ensure that the government approves their childcare service provider.

In our child care checklist, we have listed some points that can help parents in Australia find a quality child care facility.

Top points to Check for the Right Child Care in Sydney


A child care centre must not be far from your home or workplace. It will ensure you spend maximum time with your little ones and do not rush much after work to reach the centre on time. Nearby location will also give you peace of mind that the child is not far from reach.

Room Programs & Learning Philosophy

When choosing the long day care Sydney, you must enquire about the centre’s learning and teaching philosophy. Ensure the centre follows all the National regulations and has a learning-friendly environment.

Healthy Nutrition

As a parent, you understand the importance of feeding the right nutrients to your little heroes. 

So, before you give the green signal to any childcare centre, you must ask how the centre will facilitate fussy eaters. Will your child go hungry? What programs are in place to help children receive their dietary requirements? 

Educators & Expertise

The next point to consider is experienced educators; You must meet the people who will be directly involved in taking care of your child. 

What are the time and age schedules in the daycare centres in Sydney?

The children that get considered in the childcare centres are from 6 months to 6 years. Australian daycare centres usually work around the whole day; they often start by 7:00 AM and till 8:00 PM. 

If you get late to pick up the children, there’s usually a fine, something astronomical like $20 for every 5 mins late. Be sure to ask.

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