The confrontation between Iker Jiménez and Antonio Maestre on social networks seems to have no end. The presenter of Cuarto Milenio has left the usual television collaborator on the ground, after he returned to the load remembering an old controversy.

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At the end of June, Jiménez received a barrage of criticism for underlining in his program that “some studies maintain that, after a heart transplant, behaviors associated with the donor are transferred to the patient.”

The presenter defended himself by contributing articles to shelve the matter that Dr. Campillo discussed … or so he believed. Two months later, Maestre has questioned him again. “You ask Iker about those studies and the flying alien they talk about in his program has to come to pass them on to him,” he wrote on Twitter.

In addition, the journalist Rubén Sánchez also followed the current with Maestre and answered him with irony: “Some film studies and others carried out by Professor Sand Eces.” It was then that Iker has pulled the newspaper library remembering, again, the tweet that he launched on June 30 with the medical articles.

Iker Jiménez makes a fool of Antonio Maestre after rekindling an old controversy
“It is very funny. Suddenly distinguished Western thinkers such as ‘Miguel’ Maestre or Rubén Sánchez put a tweet with the opinions of a professor of physiology and national research award interviewed by me. I send them the works that ‘do not exist’, remembered Jiménez.

The Mediaset presenter finished with sarcasm: “I’m sorry, Antonio. You put it on me like Patron Velasques against Uruguay in 81. Hug!”. And he concluded: “The enigma here is … why did Antonio Maestre or Rubén Sánchez tweet in June laughing at jobs that according to them should be invented and they don’t look at my tweet well and verify that they do exist? They are giving them bad material from attack. They must pay little to suppliers. Courage. “

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