death note

A high school student named Light Yagami who was very intelligent comes across a notebook called “death note” which has supernatural powers, allowing him to kill anybody he wants by writing his name on it. Using the powers of the notebook, he wanted to become a God by creating a world with no crime and no evil people.

In this series, there was a Shinigami an unrealistic ghost-type creature who gave the notebook to Light and became his partner and his name was Ryuk. Each Shinigami has a notebook and they give the notebook to the person they pick.

How Does The Death Note Work?

The name of the book is Death Note. Anybody who touches the book can see Shinigami the owner of the book. Light found the book and after touching the book he started to see the Shinigami whose name was Ryuk. He explained to Light how the notebook works and became his partner in crime.

Light first used the book to carry out good deeds, such as bringing criminals to justice by assassinating murderers, robbers, gangsters, etc. Light used to watch television and the news, and when he recognized the names of those appearing on the screen for some form of crime, he notes down their names. Then, after specifying the time, the person whose name is written passes away at that moment. It is one of the best anime to start your anime-watching journey and you can watch the entire series on the streaming app for free like animixplay, Crunchyroll, etc.

How the narrative evolves as it goes along?

The light was making things go according to him. He was using the notebook for good purposes until he was about to be tracked down. The higher officials of the Kanto region weren’t happy with the fact that someone else was taking over the government. They weren’t particularly pleased that someone wanted to serve as judge, jury, and executioner and took the matter into their own hands. The officers then appointed a highly skilled detective name L. L is one of the most loved characters because of his intelligence and skills.

After L analyzed the whole situation, he listed down one name that was Light Yagami but he was not sure of it so that’s why he could not pin him down as the killer. When L was about to reveal that Light is the killer behind all the murders which were taking place in that place. An unexpected turnover took place which was the death of L. L was obviously killed by Light after he came to know about L’s real name.

L’s death was a huge disappointment. In fact, the fans did not forget it for weeks in a year. Though they brought Mello and Neat into the show, they still could not become the replacement for L. Mello and Neat, later on, proved that Light Yagami was the one who was killing the criminals and also the killer of L.


If you haven’t viewed it yet, we’re confident that after reading the article your interest has been piqued. So we highly suggest seeing this anime. If you have watched the series before and you are here because you forgot some details then we suggest rewatching the classic series again as it does not have too many episodes when compared to other famous animes such as Naruto and One Piece.

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