The price of used housing has closed the month of October with a slight increase of 0.2%, reaching 1,816 euros / m2, according to the latest idealista real estate price index. If we look at the last quarter, the price has dropped 0.6% and if we look at the October 2020 data, the year-on-year increase is 3.7% .

The statistics of the real estate portal reveals that prices have risen in 13 autonomous communities during the tenth month of the year. The Balearic Islands (1.7%) led the increases, followed by Navarra (1.2%), Castilla y León (0.7%), Canarias (0.6%) and Extremadura (0.5%) . complete with Andalusia (0.4%), Castilla-La Mancha and Región de Murcia (0.3% in both regions), Asturias, Cantabria and Aragón (0.2% in the three cases), Galicia and La Rioja (0 , 1% in both territories).

On the contrary, Catalonia (-0.4%) led the falls, followed by Madrid (-0.3%) and the Basque Country (-0.1%). In the Valencian Community, prices remained stable during the last month.

The Balearic Islands with 3,260 euros / m2 is the most expensive autonomy, followed by the Community of Madrid (2,917 euros / m2). On the opposite side of the table we find Castilla-La Mancha (872 euros / m2), Extremadura (949 euros / m2) and the Region of Murcia (1,068 euros / m2), which are the cheapest communities.

Idealista’s report explains that 34 provinces register higher prices than a month ago. The greatest increase was seen in Valladolid (2.3%), followed by the Balearic Islands (1.7%), Guadalajara and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1.4% in both cases) . On the other hand, Albacete (-1%) heads the list of provinces in which the price has dropped during the month of October, followed by Soria and Guipúzcoa (0.9% in both provinces).

With this rise, the Balearic Islands became the most expensive province to purchase a home (3,260 euros / m2) ahead of Guipúzcoa (3,197 euros / m2). They are followed by Madrid (2,917 euros / m2) and the province of Barcelona (2,673 euros / m2).

Ciudad Real is the cheapest province with a price of 763 euros for each square meter. They are followed by Cuenca (787 euros / m2) and Toledo (812 euros / m2).

During the month of October 23 capitals have experienced decreases in the price of housing. The steepest drop is that experienced by Lleida and San Sebastián, where the expectations of the owners fell by 2.1% in both cases. They are followed by Girona and Tarragona (-1.3 in both capitals), Toledo and Alicante (-0.8% in both territories). Valladolid is, on the other hand, the market where prices have risen the most during the month of October (2.6%) , followed by Pamplona (1.6%), Badajoz and Huesca (1.2% in both cases), Cádiz (1.1%) and Huelva (1%).

The price falls 0.7% in the city of Madrid and 0.4% in Barcelona. Considering the interannual data, the trend is different in both cities: -4.3% in the case of Barcelona and + 0.9% in Madrid.

San Sebastián is the most expensive capital in Spain, placing its price at 4,874 euros / m2. They are followed by Barcelona (3,908 euros / m2) and Madrid (3,683 euros / m2). Lleida, on the other hand, is the cheapest capital with 1,026 euros / m2, followed by Murcia (1,065 euros / m2) and Ávila (1,090 euros / m2).

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