The Aragonese Executive, in its Governing Council meeting, has approved the dismissal of the Director General of Tourism, Elena Allué, and the Technical Secretary General of the Department of Industry, Javier Callizo.

Both have so far belonged to the Department of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development, whose advisor is Arturo Aliaga (PAR).

Sergio Larraga will replace Javier Callizo and Gloria Pérez will be named the new General Director of Tourism.

Sergio Larraga Martínez was born in 1971. He has a degree in Law, a postgraduate degree in Aragonese Law and has taken different masters and courses on Practice in Civil Procedure, Family Law or Specialization in Gender Violence. He has been General Director of Consumption of the Government of Aragon (2012-2015) and coordinator of the Aragonese Parliamentary Group (2001-2011 and from 2015 to date). He is currently practicing as a lawyer.

Larraga has participated and published several works, among them, ‘El Justicia de Aragón’; ‘Considerations on the prototype penitentiary center’, ‘Anales de la UNED’; ‘Aragonese Civil Law, basic notions’.

For her part, the new general director of Tourism, Gloria Pérez García was born in Zaragoza in 1967. She has a doctorate in Archeology, Antiquity Sciences from the University of Zaragoza and did her doctoral thesis on the ‘Ethnoarcheology of the extinct pottery of the Aranda River ‘, achieving an outstanding cum laude.

He obtained, in the same Unizar, the thesis of degree and the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) under the title ‘Analysis of the settlement of the territory of the Aranda Region from recent prehistory to Romanization’. He has completed a Master in Education (CAP), at the University of Zaragoza and another Master in New Technologies, Camilo José Cela University, Madrid.

He has also directed numerous projects related to heritage management and has extensive experience in the education sector. She teaches as a secondary school teacher in the specialty of Geography and History.

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