The Razer Zephyr has become one of the most desired products of the gaming brand, perhaps because it is the most original mask on the market.

When Razer unveiled a prototype, called Project Hazel, it wasn’t very clear if it was actually going to make it to production; But at Razer they must be thinking right now that it was the right choice, judging by the number of visits it has attracted to their page.

The Razer Zephyr is a mask that uses N95 filters for better protection, but what is really interesting is everything that surrounds those filters. For starters, it has two fans that make sure that we will never be short of breath, but that is something we have already seen in other battery powered masks.

What we had not seen is one with lights; on the outside, it is RGB and compatible with Razer Chroma to customize it to our liking, and the interior lights make sure that our mouth is well lit. Why? Well, because the front of the mask is transparent, so our lips can see us.

Although it may seem like a joke, it is a real product, and it was launched last night on the occasion of RazerCon 2021 (where the Razer Enki chair was also presented ), with a price of 109.99 euros; the little problem is that it sold out within minutes of going on sale.

The demand for this product was such that users managed to ‘throw away’ the Razer online store momentarily, due to the number of buyers who connected at the same time to get it.

At the very least, this success seems to have confirmed to Razer that production is worth continuing. The official page shows the message “out of stock”, but also that “it will be back soon”, so we can expect a second shipment soon. If we are interested, we can sign up so that Razer will notify us when it arrives.

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