Instagram has decided to give users some control over what they see in the app, thanks to a new function that allows defining ‘favorites’.

In the current version of the app, there is no way to decide what we would like to see when we open Instagram. It is the algorithms of the company that, based on a variety of factors, order the publications; therefore, they are not displayed in chronological order, or in any way that is transparent to the user. For many, that is the charm of Instagram, opening the app and finding something new or something that we like.

But there are also many voices that ask for more control; especially those that follow many users and are unable to cope with the ‘noise’ generated by publications that do not interest them.

According to WABetaInfo , now Instagram is testing a new functionality that will solve that, the ‘Favorites’, which will directly affect our ‘timeline’. In theory, we can choose users that we prefer, so that they receive a higher priority when appearing in the app; This does not mean that we will only see posts from favorites, only that the algorithm will be more likely to show them. The rest of the users will continue to appear, but more sporadically.

Instagram is working on “Favorites” ????

?? Posts from your favorites are shown higher in feed.

?? Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) September 9, 2021
There is still much that is not known about this functionality, since Instagram has not publicly confirmed that it exists; We only know of its existence because it is reaching some users, as part of a testing program. It is common for these types of functions to be first tested on a small group of users, to check their reactions and see if they find ‘bugs’ or problems.

Therefore, the rest of the users will probably still have to wait to enjoy this function.

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