Many people who enjoy the water always look for fun ways to keep occupied during the summer. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and often people want to spend their free time doing something fun outside. So, ensure you have all the necessary gear to enjoy your favorite water activities. 

Here are some fun summer activities for people who love the water.

1. Fishing

Fishing is a popular and favorite water activity during the summer months. It is something that most people enjoy doing, and there are many places where people can go fishing. 

Many people enjoy catching bass and trout, as these are the two varieties of fish most commonly caught by anglers all over the country. 

You can purchase a fishing license to go fishing at local lakes. However, you will need one if you plan to fish in state waters designated as a portion of a larger body of water.

2. Kayaking and Canoeing

If you are a fan of being on the water, you might love canoeing or kayaking as a fun summer activity. You can go down rivers or lakes and appreciate the sights laid out before you in nature. Many people also like to see what they can find there, such as waterfalls and wildlife. If you prefer one over the other, it is nice to try both to see what activity fits your style best.

In addition, you can easily rent a kayak or canoe at most local stores. If you are looking for something more of a recreational experience, consider looking into kayaking. However, if you want something more sporty or competitive, you should get a canoe instead.

3. Giant Water Slides

If you have small children and are looking for a fun and safe activity, then going to a local water park might be the right fit. Many water parks have giant slides that go into the water or often go right over waterfalls. 

This type of slide is completely enclosed and offers a safe way to enjoy a fun time in the sun at the local water park. In addition, many of these slides look like they are fun for adults as well as children.

4. Swimming

For people who love staying in the water, swimming is a great option to do during the summer. Many places have pools or fountains that you can swim in as a fun way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. However, ensure that you have protective gear on when you go out in the water. This includes a life jacket or a waterproof watch. You may even want to test the water before going in to know how cold it will be when trying to swim.

5. Boating

If you own a boat, this is an excellent way to enjoy the water. There are certain things, such as safety equipment, life vests, and anchors, that you may need to purchase. This will ensure that you and your friends and family can enjoy your time boating without any issues.

You must also check the condition of your boat before taking it out in the water. Consider ordering your boat parts online for your convenience. 

Nonetheless, if you choose to go on an open-air boat ride, you’ll be able to see the scenery around you from a unique perspective. You’ll cruise along slowly and safely and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

6. Beach Sports

If you are looking for an activity that is fun and great for family bonding, try throwing Frisbees on the beach. You can also consider going to a local pool and playing water volleyball with your friends. There are many fun games that you can play at the beach, such as volleyball and beach soccer. Water games are a great option if you prefer to stay more active.


The summer season is an excellent opportunity for you and your friends and family to bond while spending valuable time together. Try taking one of the activities listed above to enjoy your time outside. If you have kids, this is a great way to keep them occupied.

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