10 Simple And Stunning Gift Box Decoration Ideas

Gifts are now mostly delivered in boxes to make an attractive and decorative look. People generally leave this on shopkeeper or representatives of gift sending companies from where they are purchasing. But what if you would have need to decorate the gift box at your own/

Don’t worry.

Here are the ten simple and stunning gift box decoration ideas described below. But before getting into this, we’d love to let you know about Nawal sweets – the most adoptable gift to send in happiness. Sentiments Express is providing the special Nawal Pera packed in amazingly decorated boxes with potential to grab attention at the first sight.

However, let’s get into this.

Fabric Bow

The first idea is to make a fabric bow and put on the gift box. It would be good if the color of bow is matched with the box, otherwise you can use multicolor bow or any other color depending on you.

Oversized Tissue Flower

Make an oversized flower using tissue and put it on the top of your gift box. You can draw on the tissue before making flower or can simply make it as you like.


Make attractive designs on the box if you don’t like above ideas. You can draw anything on the box but it would be great if you draw what recipient likes the most.

3D Stickers

Get the favorite 3D stickers of your recipient choice and put them top on the box. Here you can choose more than one sticker, but don’t cover the whole box with stickers.

Cut Out Paper Flowers

It’s the most adopted and conventional method to decorate gift box. Get flowers from pictures or papers, cut and embed on the gift box.

Embroidered Star

You can also put embroidered star on the box considering its size. We recommend you to put a big star at one side, and clusters of a few (4 – 5) at the second corner.


Printing the box is also a great idea to introduce something different in gift decorating. There’s no restriction on what you want to print. Usually, people print favorite cartoon characters of recipient.

Tape Decoration

Get a tape of color suitable to the gift box, or multicolor and cut into different lengths. After it, fix on the box and introduce a new design. You can do this in a mannered way or even randomly.

Dual Box

Place a short empty box on the large box and make fabric box to cover both. If you don’t want small box to be empty, put the gift card for the particular occasion into it.

Gift Card

Put the gift card on the top of gift box – the simple and most adopted. You can use different sizes, colors and designs cards. Also, you can embed the cards individually or under the box.

Well, that was about gift box decoration ideas!

Still, if you are confused about anything else, we recommend you to contact Sentiments Express – the gift sending company exhibiting ideal features. And yes, get the Nawal sweets from here to celebrate the happiness moments.

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