If you’re looking for ways to increase your confidence, you’re in the right place! We all go through periods when we don’t feel good about ourselves, which is completely normal, but there are plenty of things that you are able to do to give yourself the confidence boost that you deserve. From choosing clothes that make you feel amazing to challenging yourself, being kind and being more assertive, get ready to feel more confident in yourself. 

Challenge Yourself With A New Hobby

Our first tip to help you increase your confidence is to challenge yourself with a new hobby. Getting yourself out there, meeting people and doing fun things can all really help you to feel happier and more confident in yourself, especially when you begin to identify new things that you’re good at. This could be going to a cooking course, a new gym class, trying out pottery or painting, joining a walking group or even a sports team, and simply engaging with new people will help you to increase your self esteem. 

The best place to start is perhaps going with a friend, to give you a bit of confidence whilst you get started. From here, you will gradually find your confidence builds and you could start going to different clubs on your own and meet new people. This may be daunting at first, especially if you struggle with your confidence, but just keep telling yourself that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a positive thing, and you will soon start to feel the benefits of challenging yourself with a hobby. 

Buy Clothes That Make Your Feel Great

Our next tip to help increase your confidence is to buy clothes that make you feel great. If you’ve been trying to keep wearing clothes that don’t fit you quite properly, or don’t make you feel amazing, then it’s going to have an impact on your confidence. If you’ve been putting it off, this is your sign to go and buy some new clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel great. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans, new going out dresses, loungewear or gymwear, it can make such a big difference when you look in the mirror and have clothes that fit wonderfully, not being too big or small. Clothes sizes are just a number, and every shop is really different in terms of sizes, so don’t let this define your decisions whether or not to buy something. You deserve to feel confident no matter what you wear, so this is your chance to go out and get yourself feeling amazing. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Many people’s confidence issues stem from setting standards that are way too high and then being disappointed when you don’t reach them, which is why our next tip is to simply be kind to yourself. We all have dreams and goals, but being self critical when we don’t reach them does far more harm than good most of the time. A good way to look at this when you feel like putting yourself down is to think about what you would say to a friend in that situation. Be realistic but also remember to be kind, which will help you to come up with positive steps to move forward rather than dwelling on what could have been. 

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Another main thing that can really impact people’s confidence is when they compare themselves to others. Whether it’s on social media, in magazines, in person or in the gym, as soon as you start to look at other people and compare yourself, it will do nothing for your confidence. Firstly, anyone in magazines or on tv and social media are likely to have had their hair and makeup done, have special lighting on them and specific camera angles. It’s likely that in real life, they wouldn’t actually look like that at all.

In terms of comparing yourself to people in real life, you never know what anyone is going through or what they are thinking about, so it is important that you remember this at all times. Those very same people might look at you and think that they want to look like you, or love your hair, or wish that they suited a particular colour like you do. This is honestly so true, so whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remind yourself that you are worthy and deserve to feel happy and confident in yourself, always. 

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