When displaying your accomplishments as a pilot, there are many different ways to go about it. Whether you’re looking to update your resume or want to let your friends and family know what you’ve been doing, here are seven ways to show off your flying skills:

1. Framing Your Pilot License

Instead of simply leaving your pilot license tucked away in a drawer, why not showcase it? A pilot shop or online pilot store offers frames designed specifically for pilot licenses that can add a touch of professionalism to your office or home. Plus, having your license on display serves as a constant reminder of your achievements and can inspire others to pursue their piloting dreams.

If you want to take it higher, consider framing any additional certifications or awards you have received in the field. Overall, displaying your pilot accomplishments not only adds a personalized touch to your space but also allows you to represent all you have achieved in the aviation industry proudly.

2. Publish an Article About Your Flying Experience

Another way to display your accomplishments as a pilot is to publish an article about your flying experience. This can be a great opportunity to highlight notable moments or incidents that showcase your skills, such as successful emergency landings or cross-country flights. Sharing these stories can also provide valuable insight and tips to fellow pilots, adding to the overall conversation within the aviation community.

Additionally, publishing an article can give you credibility and recognition among other pilots, potentially opening up new opportunities for advancement in your career. So consider sharing your experiences through publishing – it might take your piloting career to new heights.

3. Start a Blog or Podcast About Flying

One way to show off your accomplishments is by starting a blog or podcast about your experiences in the sky. You can share tips and tricks for new pilots, offer insights on the aviation industry, or regale your audience with exciting tales from your flights.

Not only is this an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and achievements as a pilot, but it also offers the opportunity to connect with other flying enthusiasts and potentially grow a loyal following. Plus, who knows – you might even be able to monetize your blog or podcast in the future!

So, consider sharing your love of flying through the power of writing or talking – it could lead to some pretty exciting opportunities.

4. Give Presentations About Flying at Aviation Events

For pilots, it’s not enough to have a magnificent flying record – you also need to be able to showcase your accomplishments effectively. Another way to do this is by giving presentations about flying at aviation events and conferences. 

Not only does this allow you to share your expertise with others in the industry, but it also allows you to network and make connections that could lead to future opportunities.

Preparing a presentation can also force you to reflect on and analyze your experiences, helping you become a better pilot. So, consider presenting at an aviation event next time you’re interested in sharing your achievements with potential employers or colleagues. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

5. Mentor New Pilots

If you are an experienced pilot, why not mentor new pilots? Not only does this allow for growth within the industry, but it also allows you to share your knowledge and experience with others. It can also be a valuable addition to your resume, showing leadership and dedication to aviation.

6. Write a Book About Flying

As a pilot, you undoubtedly have countless stories and adventures to share. You can showcase your achievements and experience by writing a book about flying. Share the ups and downs of your journey, impart valuable lessons learned, and entertain readers with thrilling tales from the skies.

Writing a book also presents a unique opportunity to connect with other pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It’s a fantastic way to leave a lasting impression on the industry and showcase your expertise as a pilot.


As a pilot, there are many ways to show off your accomplishments and expertise. Whether writing an article or blog post, giving a presentation, or mentoring new pilots, you can share your knowledge and experience with others. So consider taking advantage of these opportunities to demonstrate your skills and grow your career.

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