How To Anchor A Murphy Bed To The Wall Stud?

A Murphy bed is a very practical and space-efficient addition to any household, but it’s important to know how to anchor your murphy bed to the wall stud. A murphy bed can provide you with extra sleeping space when you need it, but if you don’t install it correctly, you might find yourself in the uncomfortable position of trying to hold up the weight of your bed with just your drywall and Masonite walls! Read on for tips about anchoring your murphy bed safely and securely to the wall stud.

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you’ll need is some anchors. When buying them, make sure they are long enough for your bed. Usually, these will be 2 x 4 or 3 x 3. The following things you’ll need are drill bits and screws. Murphy bed usually has walls that are made of drywall so any drywall anchor will work. If you’re not sure if yours does, give it a tug and see what happens! Your anchors must go into something sturdy like wood so don’t try to use them in drywall. You’ll also need a hammer and screwdriver for this step too!

Cut the lumber to size

To make sure that your Murphy Bed is safe, it is essential that you prepare for the installation by cutting all of your lumber to size. The following will give you an idea of how much material you need: 

Cut two pieces of 2×4 lumber for one bed, 14-1/2 inches in length and two at 8 inches. Cut eight pieces of 2×4 lumber for four beds, 14-1/2 inches in length and two at 8 inches. For eight beds, cut 16 pieces of 2×4 lumber 14-1/2 inches in length and two pieces at 8 inches.

Assemble the frame

It’s time for you to assemble your Murphy Bed. This step is really just about screwing in some metal pieces, but before you start assembling, be sure you have all of your parts and tools ready! To create:

  1. Assemble the mattress frame and attach it to the metal bed frame by screwing in the corner brackets.
  2. Install the metal tracks along the sides of both frames by lining up one end with a corner bracket hole on each side.
  3. Use two screws per hole and make sure they are tightened securely.
  4. Stand up both frames and attach them together at each corner using screws, bolts, and nuts.

You are now finished assembling your Murphy bed!

Attach the frame to the wall

To attach the frame to the wall, find two studs on either side of where you want your headboard. Drill four holes in each stud and insert lag screws into both. Attach your brackets by drilling holes through pre-drilled holes and inserting lag screws inside. Add pressure washer to ends of the screws. Put anchors over the bolts so they don’t come loose over time. Make sure that there is enough room for your mattress and box spring. Place bolts through the mounting bracket’s hole see picture below and screw it tightly into drywall with a drywall screwdriver or power drill/driver.

Add the plywood

1. Measure your plywood so it is at least 2 inches longer than your mattress. This will provide extra support for the mattress and make it easier to lift up and down. 

2. Cut your plywood with an electric saw or ask someone else so that you have two pieces of plywood, one for the top of the bed and one for the bottom. 

3. Attach each piece of plywood by screwing it into wall studs or other sturdy points in your walls. Make sure you use screws with anchors if no wall studs are available in your walls!

Add the mattress

A Murphy bed is a great space-saving option for those who lack storage or live in an apartment. It can be used as additional seating in your living room, allow you to have more guests, and save money on rent if you live in an apartment. But before buying a Murphy bed, there are several things you should know. 

The bed needs at least 24 inches of clearance from the walls to fold out and unfold. The Murphy bed must be anchored securely so it does not wobble or collapse when moving around it. The bed must be anchored securely so that it does not slide out of the frame when opening or closing it.


In the conclusion, we write here many things for all readers, authentic information for all users, the bed murphy need at least 24 hours inches of clearance from the walls to fold out and unfold. Make sure that there is enough pre drilled holes and inserting screws inside. We sell murphy bed in different rates in different countries. Visit our website for buy Murphy bed and Sofa Sets.

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