How To Make A Bow For A Hamper?

Next time you want to give a gift to someone, whether it is to your partner, parents, or even a pregnant friend and family, why not make your hamper? Hanging it on the door handle of their bathroom will surprise them, and you know they will appreciate all the work you’ve put into it. To help you make this DIY project happen, here are some helpful steps to make a beautiful bow for your next mum and baby hamper.

Measure your Hamper

To start, measure the width of your hamper and divide by two. This will give you how wide your ribbon should be. Take that measurement and lay it flat on the floor with the ends at least six inches long. Cut it in half so you have two six-inch lengths of ribbon.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing a suitable fabric is key. If you use a delicate fabric like lace, you’ll want to use an even more delicate ribbon. On the other hand, if you’re using a sturdy fabric like burlap or denim, you can get away with using a more sturdy ribbon.

It also depends on what color of ribbon you are going with. Black ribbon will work with any color and material of the fabric, while hot pink will be more suited for fabrics with some pink already.

Cut Out & Assemble the Pieces

Cut out two pieces of fabric, each about 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Take the ribbon that you have cut and lay it on top of the other piece of ribbon. The right side should be touching the left side.

Next, take both ends and hold them together in one hand with the other hand on top. Pull down on both pieces until they are tight against each of your hands. Take the first loose end and put it over the second loose end, then pull again, so both ends are taut and straight up against each of your hands.

Attach It to a Hamper

First, measure the width of the hamper and cut the ribbon accordingly. Then measure the length of the ribbon you need based on how large you want it to be. Next, fold the long end in half to create a loop for threading through.

Thread one end through one side of the loop, then thread it back through from another side of the loop so that both ends are now coming out on either side of the loop from the inside.

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Other Uses for Bows

Bows are just as valuable for other areas of your life as laundry. They can be used on gift baskets, wrapping presents, and making crafts with children. Think of bows as a universal decoration used in many settings.

Bows can also be made from paper or fabric instead of ribbon, which allows you to experiment with different colors and patterns.

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