If you’re finding your home interiors are becoming boring to you, but don’t have the cash to completely renovate, there are small changes you can make to your home that will transform the way it looks. 

Swap Out Your Ornaments

Something as simple as getting new ornaments that go on the shelves, tables and fireplaces of your home can transform your space. If the previous ornaments clashed with your paint and furnishings, you might be able to transform your spaces overnight by adding new ornaments. Small touches like vases, coffee table books and knick-knacks can make your home look brand new overnight. 


Getting decorative towels for your bathrooms and new tea towels for your kitchen can spruce up the space massively. Nothing makes a bathroom look dated like old, tatty towels. By investing in new towels, you can make your home look new and fresh, whilst also bringing comfort to any guests you may have. 


Sofas and seating can be transformed instantly with throw blankets. Any dated or worn fabric on your soft furnishings can be cleverly covered with a good throw blanket. A good throw blanket can provide extra comfort to your seating, and can be used as a blanket, providing warmth as the weather gets colder. Consider investing in throw blankets for your living areas to transform the space.

New artwork

If the artwork decorating your walls has become dated or old, getting new artwork that compliments your space might transform the space massively. For example, if you have a modern space, canvases with photography on it might complement the space better than painted pieces. However, if you go for traditional, vintage interiors, painted pieces go better with the space. 

Get new bedding

Old, tatty bedding can make your bedroom seem much less fashionable than it is. Furthermore, it can make your sleeping and relaxing much less pleasurable, which can make you overall less satisfied with your space. By investing in new duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted bed sheets you can transform your sleeping space into somewhere you’re proud of. 

Change your door handles

Something as small as getting new handles for your doors and cabinets can breathe life back into a space that you might once consider dull. Instead of purging the furniture, try updating it with paint or installing new handles. It could make your living spaces look brand new. 

Change your lighting

Getting new lampshades and lamps could make your living space much better to live in. A lampshade could change the way light is dispersed around your home, making your living spaces brighter and nicer to live in. Getting new lampshades in your bedroom could also make the lighting less harsh, making your sleep and relaxation times much more enjoyable.

Add a statement mirror

Mirrors can make your room look up to two times bigger. Making your room look bigger can make your space feel less crowded, and make you more likely to want to spend more time in your house. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new, you can just rearrange what you already have. Print off a floor plan of your home and sketch in with a pencil before committing to moving your furniture around. You might find that giving your furniture a reshuffle can transform your home and breathe life in your space. 

Declutter Your Space

A lot of the time, giving your space a clearout can make you feel much better when it comes to your space. Getting special boxes and storage to put all of your possessions in can make your home look much neater. Furthermore, vacuum bags can tidy up your wardrobes and make your clothing areas look much better. 

Get new containers for your bathroom and kitchen 

Something as simple as getting new containers for your pasta, rice and tea bags to go onto your kitchen worktops can transform the way your space looks, especially if you match them to the interiors of your home. Vintage ones from charity shops might give your space a more homely feel if your kitchen decors are farmhouse or traditional. Chrome, modern ones might really tie your kitchen together if you’ve gone for a slab door kitchen in your home. Similarly, getting stylish storage boxes to keep your shower supplies in may make your bathroom feel and look more sophisticated.

Laundry Room

You could always create a small laundry room to add more value to your property as well. There are many small laundry room ideas where you can make the most of a room that isn’t really in use. Another positive with this is that it can create more space in another room where you can put more storage cabinets. You can never have too many storage cabinets in your home either. 

Transform your curtains and blinds 

Something as simple as getting new curtains and blinds for your home may make you feel much happier with your space. There are many different types of blinds, such as day or night blinds, which can make your home look much more elegant. Changing the colour of your curtains can also transform your space.

Many people struggle with keeping their home interiors updated. Keeping these tips in mind on your next shopping trip may help you transform your space without breaking the bank.

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