If your house was constructed with a pool, it gives the property a flair and provides a lovely lounging spot during the winter. As long as they are maintained appropriately, their lifespans can stretch into the decades, and they add a substantial boost to the property’s value. However, there are at least eight things you should know about owning a home with a pool, and here they are.

1. Pools Often Require Regular Cleaning

Unfortunately, owning a pool may lead to expenses in other spending categories, such as chemical cleaners. Upkeep is crucial, regardless of the pool’s size or shape, or PH levels will become unbalanced. Paying a professional cleaner will cost about $50 a week, and they may need to visit several times a week, so prepare for them to become familiar faces.

2. Pool Ownership Correlates With Enhanced QoL

Daily life can be hectic, particularly in the modern world, so finding ways to destress is crucial. Otherwise, even talented entrepreneurs fall victim to burnout and sleep deprivation. Once you live somewhere with a place to swim on-site, taking a dip in the pool will be incredibly convenient, promoting rest and relaxation. Furthermore, swimming promotes vigor and vitality by stimulating the cardiovascular system.

3. Pumps Utilize Lots of Electricity

Unfortunately, if you leave the pool uncovered so that it may be used during the summer, it must be pumped almost continuously. Consequently, a small addition to the monthly electric bill should be anticipated, like $25. 

HomeAdvisor also reports that most homeowners spend roughly $300 over the year’s length. Unless you adjust to accommodate these expenditures, they may consume more of the budget than expected.

4. Hire Workers to Minimize the Burden

Besides a weekly cleaning, someone property owners must meet HOA obligations and requirements. Therefore, many erect fences around their property, ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Fences protect young ones from wandering into unprotected pools and prevent unnecessary accidents. These senseless tragedies can be avoided, and surrounding the pool with a fence is a legal requirement in most counties.

5. Attractive Nuisance Liability Laws Vary by Locality

Attractive nuisances, like pools and trampolines, are items that frequently attract children. In many jurisdictions, the property owner may be held liable if a child injures themselves on one of these so-called nuisances. 

Even if they are not invited, their injuries can be your liability, so be cautious. Putting a barrier can prevent a tragedy and ensure you are in compliance with HOA regulations.

6. Home Inspections Skip Pools

Purchasing a house usually includes an inspection, and these cover many of the interior and exterior components. Home inspectors look at the electrical wiring, roof, and backyard pool area. 

If the pool area is not surrounded by properly defined fencing, it will become an immediate investment. Certified pool builders can provide pool equipment repair and inspection services if needed. Thus, you should request a visit after moving into the home and order any necessary repairs.

7. Property Valuations Are Affected by a Pool’s Presence

When you sell the house, buyers will pay higher prices if the sold property includes a pool. Likewise, pools and hot tubs add value to the home, boosting its valuation even higher. 

If you build a pool, and your home did not have one when it was bought, you will recoup some of the outlay at closing. Since a buyer will purchase the house for more, you can generally recover a large portion of the initial investment.

8. Prepare for Seasonal Opening and Closing Costs

At the beginning of each swimming season, set time aside to open the pool, and do not forget the required funds. Closing the pool is another added cost, which should be prepared when temperatures drop seasonally. Most areas have service providers that charge around $450 to open and close the pool at these times.

What Everyone Should Understand About Owning Pools

Diving into the pool after changing out of your work clothes will be worth the additional costs. Nevertheless, the relief and decompression awarded by a simple swim will always be worthwhile, so do not shy away from the price tag.

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