In what ways does one’s hard-earned dollar stretch? This is location-dependent. To make your money enough, consider relocating to a state with a cheaper cost of living. If unsure, check the list below for the top states to live on a budget.

Locations with the lowest cost of living offer affordable housing, food, and transportation. In comparison to other states, Mississippi has the lowest price of living.

At the same time, Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the most affordable major city in the United States. Yet, by reading this article, you need to find other great options you can choose from for a low cost of living in the U.S.

1. Texas

The state of Texas has many available jobs, a robust economy, and some of the lowest utility and real estate costs in the country. For instance, McKinney, TX luxury apartments are affordable and beautiful. Besides, medical care is more inexpensive in this state than in the rest of the country.

The size of Texas is vast, meaning that some regions are more expensive than others. Yet, it includes several major urban centers that are cheap. For instance, Dallas, one of the largest U.S. cities, has more reasonable housing costs than the country’s average.

An interesting thing about the state is diversity. If you prefer big cities, Texas has Houston and Dallas to offer. Corpus Christi is a more reasonable option if a beach lifestyle is what you are after.

Buying a house in Texas will not have to scratch your budget as high as in most other states. El Paso is the perfect place to enjoy a more rural way of life. It has stunning natural scenery and is far lower than the average living cost in the U.S.

2. Ohio

Ohio’s cost of living and medical treatment is among the lowest in the country, making it an attractive state to live in on a budget. The case is especially true in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus. In these locations, one can find an apartment to rent for a thousand dollars a month or less. The cost of living in Cleveland is even cheaper.

The state is famous as a prosperous business center, making it an attractive location for entrepreneurs. Besides, it is a good place for recent college grads with artistic and technical skills to find work. A large part of the success of the state’s creative sector boasts of the renowned Columbus College of Art & Design.

3. Indiana

Indiana is attractive because of its inexpensive cost of living, which includes housing and food. Likewise, the state is home to some of the most affordable living rates in the country. You should move here because of the excellent educational opportunities and thriving economy.

4. Georgia

Considering the low cost of living, it is easy to see why Georgia has become a popular destination for people looking to make a fresh start. Why do so many people call Georgia home when living on a budget?

Reasons include affordable housing, welcoming urban environments, and a robust job market. Across the board, the state is the best for conducting business.

The average cost of a home is around $186,500, and many significant cities are selected. The state has long been a hub for the telecommunications and information technology sectors. Besides, it is one of the country’s healthiest economies.

Further, there is a significant presence of agriculture, mining, and the country’s armed forces in Georgia. Yes, indeed, everyone can find their niche here.

5. Missouri

Anyone looking for a low-cost alternative to city life or a quiet rural existence can find it in Missouri. The state ranks as one of the most affordable locations in the United States.

In the center of the country, Missouri has a thriving economy, plenty of job possibilities, and some of the best food. State housing is among the most affordable in the country, with median house prices being lower than the national average and median rent.

The state has famous cuisine, a music scene, and lakes. Besides, visitors and residents may save money using the cheap public transportation system. Also, medical care and utilities are more affordable than in most other states.

6. Alabama

Alabama has everything a person is looking for in an inexpensive place to live in, with lots of friendly locals and nice weather. Medical bills and housing rates are far less expensive in this southeastern state. You can also find two prestigious universities, Alabama and Auburn, here.

On average, a home in Alabama will cost you $129,300. Here, transportation is also more affordable. Consider Mobile and Birmingham if you are looking for cities with a low cost of living.

7. Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the cheapest states due to its low healthcare expenditures, property prices, and transportation costs. Aside from its low cost of living, Arkansas is a great place to live because of its welcoming urban centers and beautiful natural landscapes.

Compared to the rest of the country, the cost of living in this state is much lower. Besides, Arkansas stands out thanks to its meager transportation costs. For those who wish to take advantage of Arkansas’s world-famous natural scenery and expansive mountain ranges, this is an excellent destination to settle.

8. Mississippi

Mississippi’s living cost index is lower than the national average. Besides, it has the lowest living costs than any other country’s other states. Low cost of living aside, migrants to Mississippi will also find pleasant year-round temperatures and various outdoor pursuits.

Monthly housing prices average around less than a thousand dollars. Besides, bare essentials like medical care, food, and a host of others are among the most affordable in the country.

9. New Mexico

The living cost index in New Mexico is lower than the country’s average. Also called the Land of Enchantment, the state ranks as the seventh most cheap area to live in the United States.

The presence of three Air Force bases in the state also means a steady flow of federal cash for scientific and military endeavors. The state’s economy also benefits from the influx of visitors and natural gas and oil production.

Your budget should be around $193,200 for a property purchase in New Mexico. Besides, the state is lovely, thanks to its historical landmarks. It also hosts multicultural people and natural scenery. And New Mexico is also one of the least expensive states in the Union.

Compared to other states, living in this one will not break the bank thanks to the low cost of living here. The home prices, transit costs, and utility rates are all affordable in the state.

10. Kansas

Due to its low food prices, gas prices, and housing costs, Kansas is a great place to settle down on a budget. Agriculture and prairies are not all that the state has to offer. Various ethnicities and welcoming communities are available. Also, excellent educational opportunities await those who make a move.

Final Thoughts

Among all 50 states, Mississippi has the least cost of living, whereas Kalamazoo, Michigan, boasts the least living costs among all U.S. cities. Of course, a region has many other aspects to consider before relocating. These include employment prospects, public schools, and quality of life.

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