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If you’re a beginner in playing the cello, you’ve probably struggled to get your fingers on top of the strings. You may even have tried using a bow, but it didn’t stick.

You don’t need to be frustrated about this since it happens to everyone! But to get better at playing the cello, you need to learn how to read music and play notes. In this blog post, we’ll show you how beginners can learn cello notes so that you can start playing the instrument right away!

Familiarize the cello notes in order

Many beginner cello players have a hard time reading cello notes. This is actually one of the challenging parts of learning the cello. But don’t worry because there are different ways to learn it, and the first one is to familiarize yourself with the notes.

Cello is an instrument that is played by a bow. It has a hollow body and four strings. The strings are tuned to specific pitches, such as

  • C (1st)
  • G (2nd)
  • D (3rd)
  • A (4th)

Note: This is in ascending order.

Aside from the strings that play a crucial role in playing the cello, you also need to know the rhythmic value chart for each note. These are the following notes.

  • Whole note
  • Dotted half note
  • Half note
  • Quarter note
  • Eight note
  • Sixteenth note

Know the duration of the notes

Now that you know the different string pitches together with the notes, it’s time to learn the duration or beats for each note. This is where the rhythmic value chart will come to play. You need to know this, especially if you’ll read cello notes online.

Here’s what you need to remember.

  • A whole note is equivalent to 4 beats.
  • A dotted half note is equivalent to 3 beats.
  • A half note is equivalent to 2 beats.
  • A quarter note is equivalent to 1 beat.
  • An eight note is equivalent to ½ beat.
  • A sixteenth note is equivalent to ¼ beat.

Watch video tutorials

If you’re thinking about learning the cello, you’ve probably already realized that it’s a big commitment. But what if there’s a way to learn at your own pace and maybe even have a little fun doing so?

Well, with video tutorials, there is!

You can watch videos on YouTube from instructors who have already been through the process of learning how to play the cello.

Video tutorials are often produced by professional musicians who have been teaching for decades or just love sharing their skills with others. These videos offer step-by-step instructions that will help guide you through each lesson so that you can start learning at your own pace without getting overwhelmed by too much information at once.

It’s not just about making it from point A to B. It’s about making sure that every step along the way is as smooth as possible.


Learning how to play the cello could give you such an overwhelming feeling. The instrument is very large, and learning to read notes is not something that comes naturally to many people. If you’re like most beginners, then you probably didn’t take music classes in school or have any experience playing instruments at all.

The good news is that different resources are available to help you learn how to read music and play your cello! We hope you found the right technique on how you can learn cello notes and start your journey right away!

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