Repainting Exterior House and Weather Affected Surfaces

Repainting the exterior house and other weather affected surfaces can be a challenging task. As it’s important to paint exterior surfaces (they are directly affected by the outside environment), such as the roof, siding, trim, doors, and windows with the right type of paint. And to protect them from severe weather and prevent deterioration, it can take some time to get the job done right.

The good news is that there are ways you can cut down on the time it takes to repaint your exterior house surfaces. You don’t have to spend an entire weekend outside painting or even give up your whole summer in order to get everything done at once!

What is the best time to paint?

Most painting experts agree that painting should be done in spring or fall when it’s not too cold or hot to get outside. Painting is usually easier to do in warm months as there are fewer bugs around and a lighter coat of paint will dry more quickly.

Moreover, some paints actually harden when they get cold, which can make them difficult to use. So, always consult a professional house painter.

What Tools Should I Use?

Painting can be a very dangerous job without a mask to protect your lungs from airborne particles. For both interior painting and exterior painting Melbourne a good quality brush, roller and paint-roller pan are necessary. You should also pick up some disposable coveralls or paint clothes (the blue/grey ones you see every painter wearing) to keep any liquid spills or stains off of your regular clothing.

When it comes to picking out paint, most painters will tell you that high-quality paints are worth it because they give much better coverage and end up lasting much longer than their lower-cost counterparts. You can go with cheaper paints for interior house trim work, however, as they can dry in less time than other paints.

Repainting Exterior House and Weather Affected Surfaces

Before a repaint, properly clean all areas of your house that will be repainted, as per a professional house painter’s advice. This should include the exteriors of your house such as siding, roofing, decks, fences or porches. Interior rooms should also be cleaned. If a room has wall-to-wall carpeting, you may need to remove it if it is too badly stained or worn for carpet glue to hold it in place.

You will also need to clean any wallpaper that remains in that room after you pull up any glue from old wallpaper stuck on drywall with a stripper or an adhesive remover.

What do I Need to Know about Priming for Weather Affected Areas

All surfaces (wood, masonry, siding, vinyl) that are exposed to sun and weather will eventually fade. When repainting a surface that has been exposed to the sun over time consider applying two coats of primer to help ensure uniform coverage after painting. Use an oil-based primer on bare wood or rough brick.

Avoid using a solvent-based primer on brick as it may cause chipping when applied over an existing coating such as mortar wash or interior paint job.

What do I Need to Know about Painting?

House painting Melbourne requires time, patience and a lot of attention to detail. To ensure your painting project goes smoothly, here are a few things you should know before you get started. Many people choose to do their paint projects, so it may be worthwhile to invest in a professional painter. Reputable painters can not only save you money but will also give you peace of mind by helping create a positive experience for you and your home or business.

Of course, part of hiring a professional is finding one that specializes in painting services for your particular needs.

Which surface should be Painted First, Second or Last?

The above question depends upon which surface is most subject to wear. If it’s just one or two walls in a room, you can often do those first. Otherwise, start with something that’s either exposed to the sun (like siding) or easily seen from the outside (like shutters).

Next, move inside and paint any visible surfaces like trim. Finally, tackle any interior painting Melbourne or areas that do not get much light because they are not as noticeable but will have an impact on your electricity bills if left unpainted for years.

Keep a close eye on your budget when hiring someone for these jobs. You know small mistakes are hard to spot after all that painting has been done.

Painting Tips and Tricks – using Ladders, Sprayers, etc.

For most of us, commercial painting Melbourne houses is a rare activity, taking place once or twice per decade. So by starting from scratch when it comes to learning how to do it right. We start by asking friends who have done similar work or googling solutions to common problems (e.g., how not to get drips when spraying).

Using ladders, sprayers, painter’s tape, measure tape, and wearing glasses for painting, etc can help and ease your job. And other safety kits can avoid any unfortunate incident.

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