Vaping involves inhaling a vaporizer, mostly from vape devices. This technique should give an enjoyable experience without any irritation or uncomfortable hit. However, throat hits may affect your vaping experience causing some irritating and uncomfortable experiences associated with the traditional nicotine delivery systems. The throat hit is the feeling you get at the back of your throat after an inhalation. 

A gentle throat hit can improve your vaping experience compared to a strong throat hit. However, achieving a delicate or smooth throat hit is difficult for some people. You can enhance your vaping by just considering a few tips.  

The following article will take you through how you can quickly achieve a smooth vape.   

  • Adjust Airflow Settings 

To have a smooth vape, you must adjust your vape pen setting to allow regular airflow. High airflow enhances your vapor and cooling capacity while ensuring the coil remains at a conducive temperature. Additionally, good airflow decreases the chances of wick burning, allows vapor condensation to form clouds, and increases fresh airflow. It also helps to replace old vapor with new and fresh vapor.   

You can consider getting vape devices with adjustable airflow, which allows you to regulate and set the appropriate airflow in your device. 

That said, if you are a beginner or want to avoid the technicality associated with a vape device, consider getting a disposable one. Disposable vape pens like a vape pen for delta 8 carts have a predetermined dosage and minimal features to help you enjoy the best vape experience. There’s no need to customize these devices; just start inhaling to activate the device. 

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  1. Regulate the Voltage of Your Device 

When using a variable device, you will like to inhale more nicotine, especially if the voltage is higher. High voltage means more vapor is created. Therefore, you should regulate your voltage to generate vapor and a better vape. 

Modern vape devices are well-designed to allow voltage control that regulates the current flow in the coil. For example, a powerful vape mod will enable you to adjust your settings to suit your needs. Such a feature gives you more control and gives you the right and smooth vaping experience. It’s also possible to personalize the strength and flavor you want. 

  1. Try Different Flavors 

Vaping experience should be enjoyable and comfortable. Even though changing your vaping gears can help you achieve a smoother and better vape, the main goal is to get the appropriate throat hit whenever you vape. Strong hits can lead to wild coughing, while weak hits may fail to provide the proper sensation. 

Your flavor will always determine your hit and the experience you get from vaping. Different flavors provide a distinctive and unique experience. If you are not getting a smoother vape from one taste, you should consider trying another till you get the appropriate expertise. Flavor impact is very vital when it comes to vaping. 

To boost your throat, consider adding some methanol to your chosen flavor. Methanol provides a cooling effect during inhaling. You can also try a citrus flavor to have a softer and similar impact.   

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  1. Nicotine Level 

The amount of nicotine in the e-juice will always significantly impact your vaping experience. Nicotine provides a strong throat hit. An increase in the amount of nicotine means a stronger hit. However, people have different tolerances for nicotine. While others may enjoy the high nicotine levels, others may find it too powerful and uncomfortable. Hence, ensuring the nicotine level meets your preference is best. 

Some e-juices allow you to experience a stronger throat hit while at the same time reducing nicotine levels. You can also purchase pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which helps you do away with harsher hits and their impact. However, trying several e-juices with different amounts of nicotine would be best to determine the appropriate one that meets all your vaping needs. 

  1. Try Nicotine Salt 

Nicotine salt is a recent discovery in the vaping world. To achieve a smooth and soft vaping experience while still maintaining the strength of the nicotine in the e-juice, you can try nicotine salt. In most cases, nicotine salt was used to decrease the harshness felt towards the back of the throat. 

Nicotine salt contains both freebase salts and nicotine, which allows you to have a more personalized experience. You can always get nicotine salt from your reliable vape vendor to help boost your vaping experience. 


  1. Try a New Wicking Material 

The type of wick material you use for vaping will always determine your experience. However, some devices are dominated by cotton compared to other wick materials. This is because cotton is impressive and has a way of providing cleaner flavors. For a smoother vape, you should consider cotton as the priority. 

Wrapping Up 

There are various benefits, both health and recreation, associated with vaping. A smooth vape allows you to enjoy your vaping. With multiple flavors, new designs of vape devices, and other amazing discoveries in the vaping world, you can easily enhance your vaping experience. Moreover, to get a memorable and enjoyable vaping experience, always use the proper voltage, an appropriate type of vaping device and setting, and your favorite flavor.  

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