Abu Dhabi is formerly an undeveloped town that changed into a modern city. It has small islands joined together by a bridge. The land is rich in oil content, and this makes the strong economy of the area. High-rise buildings and hotels make it different. As Dubai has its charm so people plan to spend weekends or a holiday in Dubai. It is just an hour’s drive away from Dubai.

No doubt Abu Dhabi is itself beautiful but the journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai offers many spectacular views for the tourists. Now the question arises of which path to choose for the tour. It can be through land or Marina coastal area. If you want to experience a unique journey, then Easy yacht are perfect for you. It offers a great variety of yachts from the Abu Dhabi marina. Go and book one to enjoy the different views of the location.  Personal Loan in UAENew and Old Car LoanHome Mortgage LoanCredit CardsBusiness Loan

Attractions of the tour to Dubai 

Sailing with the captain will offer a great experience for the travelers as you get to know about historic buildings. While going to Dubai, one may notice the beauty of Marina mall, Corniche Road, and Yas marina circuit. But when you reach the destination, you have a lot more to do. Thus, make the tour memorable with some shopping and walking along the marina.

Get tired of the shopping and want to have delicious food memorably. There is a yacht charter Dubai marina waiting for you. In the evening, the mesmerizing skyline buildings look more adorable. Book for the Dhow cruise marina and have the best experience of the Dubai marina tour.

Specialties of Dhow Cruise Marina 

Dhows are traditional wooden boats, that are modernized. It allows the guests to taste the perfect blend of an old and new version of it and the beauty of the luxurious landscape. Therefore, treat yourself and your friends or family with a wonderful experience. Taste the Bedouin style of cruising with professionals and make your tour memorable.

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Experience the Eye-Catching Views

Dubai marina looks more beautiful than the Bluewater and it attracts tourists. Dhow cruise marina sail passes through the JBR, marina mall, and Palm Jumeirah. Guests can witness the Cayan tower view also. In the evening, the beautiful lights glow the Marina coastal areas and the water reflects the beauty of modern architecture. Travelers admire the eye-catching views of the Dubai marina while having a great cruising experience. Witness the modern lifestyle and pass luxurious restaurants along the Dubai marina.

Get yourself entertained

Dhow cruise Dubai marina offers plenty of entertainment options for the guests. The famous Tanoura dance at Dhow cruise makes the guests entertained. The man in a colorful dress performs Sufi dance while doing some tricks with props. Guests won’t get bored because the is some live music also onboard. In the evening, water sports are not allowed but if you cruise in the daytime, then entertain yourself with fishing and other water activities.

Enjoy the delicious food 

Dhow cruise Dubai marina is famous for its 5-star international buffet service. It includes a wide range of food courses from different entries like salads, side dishes, and main course. Moreover, a professional chef prepares the food of the best quality. The crew members serve the food to the guests in a style by following proper hygienic measures. Hence, the guests love the taste of every bite of food. There is an option of live BBQ also.

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Enjoy the spacious place 

There is an open area as well as an air-conditioned cabin. Therefore, it’s up to the guests at which place he wants to enjoy themselves. Guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset view in the evening and sink deep into its beauty. There is no match for the beauty of nature from the floating restaurant.

Capture some special memories

As we are busy in our daily lives. So, to feel refreshed and active such tours are compulsory. Don’t forget to capture beautiful photographs of yourself with the iconic backdrops and capture the beautiful surroundings as well. Guests will fall in love with the beautiful marina coastal areas. These pictures will stay with you for a lifetime. Travelers experience the real magic of a beautiful night under the blue sky onboard.

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