Ammonia-Free Color Shampoo

If you are going to get your hair dyed and ready to look better. To look younger and more fashionable, people of all ages are dying their hair with hair dye. Age and fashion are the two main reasons people give themselves a new look. People should check the ingredients on the box of hair dye before they use it to make their hair look more beautiful.

Do you know that ammonia is in almost every hair color? Why do most hair dyes have it if this chemical is terrible? To understand why you need to know what ammonia is. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that makes the hair’s pH level rise when colored.

It lifts the hair’s cuticles so the dye can be put on the cortex, which is the inside of the hair. It is also used to make the hair’s natural color lighter so that the hairdresser or yourself can recolor it again and get the desired result. Even though these products are made with chemicals, experts now use ammonia-free professional hair colors.

What is Hair Coloring

Hair color is the act of changing your hair’s natural color to the color you want. There are both chemical and natural hair dyes that are used in the process.

How hair Coloring Works

Hair color can coat each strand of hair with color (non-permanent), or it can go into each hair cuticle, get inside (permanent color), and bond with each strand of hair. While non-permanent hair color can be washed out, permanent color, as the name implies, stays on the hair for a good amount of time. However, because hair grows all the time, the color will eventually fade away because it will grow out.

People can use various dyes to change their hair color and choose which one to use. They are different because of how long they last and how they color their hair. There are many options for changing your hair color, from non-permanent to permanent. But before you do anything, you should think about all the good and bad things that come with it.

Problems with Traditional Hair Colors

Traditional hair colors have a lot of benefits, there are also some downsides to it as well.

  1. Ammonia dyes tend to harm the cuticle over time, allowing moisture to evaporatively escape. This results in hair that is brittle, dry, and prone to split ends.
  2. There is the possibility for skin irritation when ammonia is dissolved in water because it creates ammonium hydroxide. There is a risk of skin burns and eye and nose irritation when it comes into touch with the skin.
  3. Ammonia can enter the bloodstream through the scalp if applied to the hair. Those who work in hair salons are exposed to ammonia vapors that can cause respiratory, sinusitis, throat, and eye infections.
  4. Ammonia absorbed into the hair degrades an amino acid known as tyrosine. Because it controls melanin (the pigment in hair), tyrosine aids in hair color retention (new or old). Your hair’s ability to retain any color diminishes when tyrosine is depleted.

Ammonia-free Hair Color Works?

Ammonia-free hair color doesn’t have any of these dangerous chemicals in it. It has other chemical properties that don’t harm hair and help the color stick to hair. Ammonia-free hair color has Indian gooseberry liquid extract, Bhringraj liquid extract, Gotu Kola liquid extract, Heena liquid extract, Hibiscus liquid extract, Neem water extract, soapnut liquid extract, Shikakai liquid extract, and lemon liquid extract and other good things in it, so the hair stays fine and the cuticles don’t dry out while it’s being dyed. It also has light chemicals in it that don’t damage your hair and are gentler than ammonia-based hair dye.

  • Minimal Damage: When you want to change the color of your hair, nothing is better than ammonia free hair color. They don’t change the pH level because they use monoethanolamine (MEA) that has alcohol in it, which acts as a substitute for a pH adjuster in hair dyes. Ammonia free hair color  are less concentrated amounts of MEA in ammonia free hair color, and they’re mixed with emollient oils to make them less sticky. This makes it less dangerous.
  • Keeps hair healthy: Beautiful hair draws the attention of everyone, but sometimes it loses its shine because of the use of harmful chemicals and the wrong products. So, if you want to keep your hair’s quality and shine, Ammonia free hair color is the best choice. Because these products don’t damage your hair, change the pH, or lose protein, they’re better than ammonia free hair color.
  • No Itchy Scalp: Toxic ammonia molecules included in the hair color can cause burning sensations and irritation in the scalp of users. Ammonia-based products can cause serious responses in those with extremely sensitive skin. The easiest method to avoid these issues is to use ammonia-free hair products.
  • Natural Look: Some people like to add funky colors to their hair, like violet, pink, green, and so on. Some people choose a hair color that looks natural and unique. Ammonia free hair color shampoo products now in the market have a wide range of ammonia-free hair colors that people can choose to use. People can choose ammonia-free colors like golden brown, light ash brown, light brown copper matte, mahogany ash brown, and so on.
  • No Pungent Smell: One of the main things people don’t like about ammonia free hair coloring product is that they smell bad. The smell of ammonia is very bad for your eyes and even makes it hard for some people to breathe. Besides, the best thing about ammonia-free products is that they don’t hurt your eyes or mess with your senses at all.
  • Gray coverage:  Hair color shampoo with ammonia free formula is long-lasting and can cover up to 100% of gray hairs, so it’s a good way to cover up white or gray hairs that you don’t like. This is a good time to ask for an ammonia-free hair color, which can make thin, gray hair look thicker and healthier.
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