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Managing escape room business is fun. It is a lucrative enterprise that delivers family-friendly entertainment to the audience and the owners who come up with puzzle and game room ideas to see the players twist their brains while trying to escape the place. 

We have plenty of puzzle and mystery houses like mystery rooms bangalore, escape rooms in Shanghai, mystery houses in Florida, and fun escape games in Los Angeles that are great for enjoying a memorable and fun time with your loved ones. They have many themed riddles and immersive gameplay that people of all ages enjoy participating in again and again. 

But some limits restrict the capacity of an escape room, like space, scalability, and monotonicity. They can become a prime reason for the downside of your escape room. To avoid this problem, you can upgrade your escape room using VR technology and add new and innovative features to preserve the beauty of an escape room. 

Here are 5-benefits that will tell you why adding VR is advantageous for your escape room:  

  1. Increasing puzzle variations 

It is easier to increase puzzle variations in your escape room using VR technology and gadgets. There are many elements, like creating a stalking skeleton, virtual 3D jump surprises, and warping images to give more dimension to a clue, that are otherwise tricky to accomplish in a traditional escape room without relying on any technical aspect. But by using virtual reality, you can explore the impossible and experiment with different themes and elements to give more depth and uniqueness to the puzzles and challenges of your escape room games. 

The variation in the riddles also allows you to set up different difficulty levels and create puzzle rooms that take inspiration from other franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Conjuring, and many more. Implementing the special effects also becomes cost-effective and reduces several redundant issues of setting up props in a traditional escape room.  

  1. Improving audience capacity 

VR escape rooms can uphold more customers at a time than traditional escape rooms. Many groups of the audience can play the same puzzle at a time without you having to deal with any delays in one group and the dissatisfaction of the other. These VR-laced escape rooms run in the virtual world. That means you do not have to worry about poor management from your side in such situations. And this is already one significant advantage for you and your team. 

To make the most out of this situation, you can try to host around 10 to 15 escape room events simultaneously to amplify your audience’s capacity, unlike the classic escape rooms where it was nearly impossible to exceed 5 or 6. Also, since there’s no space for physical and operational problems in these escape rooms, you won’t have to break a large group to accommodate them in your puzzle house and upset any of your customers.  

  1. A higher ROI 

If we talk about the asset, there’s a higher chance that you will get more Return on Investment when compared to the traditional escape rooms. Here are some reasons to justify this statement: 

  • Since your setup cost will be lower, your tickets and payroll pricing will automatically be less. And people love seeking those services that provide satisfying results at less cost. 
  • Your VR-enhanced escape room will be able to accommodate more people and remove the issue of restricted and limited spacing. 
  • VR escape rooms rely on heightened sensory experience and delivery of virtual and more thematic puzzles in a game. So there’s a high chance of your rating skyrocketing once the audience starts to enjoy the fully-immersive and virtually theatrical experience in an escape room game. 
  1. Better utilisation of the space 

Unlike the classic escape rooms, you won’t require real-world space to set up an engaging and captivating escape room if you upgrade your puzzle rooms with virtual reality techniques. All you need to do is get the gadgets for providing VR effects and setting them up smoothly to avoid any issues, and you are ready to begin. Your space and energy get utilised in creating fun scenarios that resemble the classic escape rooms without having to expand your area to add more elements. 

And you also require fewer staff members to handle the management and hosting. Thus, your scalability increases because you don’t need larger spaced rooms or any expensive kit and device to make the place immersive and loaded with engaging special effects. And it ensures better utilisation of your space in a cost-efficient way.  

  1. Something new to offer the guests 

At some point, even horror movies become too generic for us. And why is that? It is because we, as the audience, start to figure out the pattern of the plot and what kind of route it will take when the ending nears. The same is in the case of escape rooms. Repetitive elements, no-unique concepts, a similar level of challenge, bland puzzle ideas, no experiment with themes and palette, etc., are what bring down the beauty of an escape room. 

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth of escape room enthusiasts and mystery lovers, and they begin to lose interest in the same. But VR has infinite possibilities that allow you to create out-of-the-box challenges and execute engaging ideas that leave everyone speechless. Through them, you can provide something new to the guests and maintain their passion and interest in these escape rooms. And not just the veteran fans, VR-laced escape rooms are a source of attraction for new fans and youngsters who want to try something new and adventurous.  


VR isn’t going anywhere, and neither are the escape rooms. Thus, we can expect to see more innovative and mind-bending additions and unique features in them using VR. And since VR is easy to add and constantly evolving to take a better form, it won’t be a surprise when every escape room in the future might have them implemented to give more dimension to the puzzles.   

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