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The first step is to find photos of what the perfect christmas engagement photo looks like so that you can set the scene. There are many types of Christmas engagement photos including winter wonderland, white Christmas, and sugarplum fairies. The article includes a few ideas for what type of clothes work for each type of photo, where you should shoot your photos and what time of the day works best for each location.

How to Choose the Right Outfit

It’s important to dress for the occasion. You don’t want to be too high or low key, and you should make sure your clothes are appropriate for the surroundings. The best way to choose a dress is to pay attention to the colors in the photos and other objects in the background. Make sure the colors work well with one another, and that they match with whatever you’re choosing as a background. For example, if you’re choosing a snow-covered forest as your background, it would be best not to wear red since those colors don’t mix well together.

Do make sure that whatever you are wearing is really comfortable. There is no point for you and your partner to be wearing skin tight clothes that look great when you are stood holding your breath in front of the mirror. You need to be able to jump, sit and smile and even play fight in your outfit. If you are relaxed and happy then your photos will really reflect this. If you feel uncomfortable or not yourself then this will reflect in your photos and people will think you’re not a happy couple.

Christmas Engagement Photos – Outfit Ideas:

Little Black Dress & Dinner Suit

Jeans, Boots and Jackets for a nice relaxed happy couple outdoor look

Leather Skirt and jumper and boots and smart jeans and a shirt for your man

Blue jeans and White Shirts for both of you is a classic look that never goes out of style

Smart Dress and your man in a sports coat

Leather leggings and heels and a silk shirt, your man wearing cords and a denim shirt

Tips and ideas for Christmas Engagement Photos

Setting the scene for a Christmas engagement photo shoot can be a lot of work if you want it to look perfect. One way to set the scene is to have a Christmas tree in the room that has been decorated with ribbons and lights. You can also cover the floor with fake snow. Take pictures before guests arrive so that they don’t have to come through all the chaos of setting up.

It’s great to take photos that really reflect who you are. If you like hiking in the rain then be quirky and get photos shot in the rain with you both at your happiest in your waterproof gear. There are some great winter wonderland venues at the moment with scenes all set up inside. Why not ask one of the venues whether you are able to pay to have the stand for an hour – it will probably be great publicity for the stall too to have a photoshoot going on at it?

Places to take Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for a picturesque and romantic setting, head to the beach. It’s popular for couples who want to celebrate their love and enjoy nature at the same time. The ocean breeze can also create a soft look. If you’re looking to show off your city lights, try taking photos at night near an iconic landmark such as the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center or one of those famous New York bridges.

Seasonal Food Ideas

Pick a time of day that’s going to work for you and your photographer. The golden hour is great because the light is softer and it will be easier to balance out the light with artificial lights. There are also certain times of day that can produce interesting shadows. Pick a seasonally appropriate location such as a winter wonderland or a pumpkin patch! Bring props like pinecones, twigs, and acorns.

Setting up your Christmas Engagement Photos

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas scene, try to find one where there are lots of decorations or lights. You may also want to include Christmas trees if they are in your photos. For best results, choose a location that is not too crowded so that passersby don’t steal the spotlight from your engagement shoot. What about one of the twilight walks that are so popular at the moment? Think fur collars and hats – so glamorous and romantic.

After the photoshoot: How to get the most out of your photos

  • Communicate with the photographer: Find out what you can do after the shoot to get the most from your photos.
  • Do your research: Know about some of the basics of photography so you can better help your photographer frame shots and choose backgrounds.
  • Check out some portfolios: It’s a good idea to have an idea of what kind of style you’re going for, so take a look at a few different portfolios before you settle on a photographer.


If you just got engaged and it’s Christmas time – Congratulations and well done on your man or woman choosing such a great time of year to pop the question. Christmas engagement photos can be stunning and we really hope that we have inspired you with some great ideas of how to remember such a special event and share it with your family and friends.

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