Gender-neutral bedrooms are extremely popular at the moment and for good reason, they’re smart, functional and look really cute. Whether you are after some elegance in your babies room, creating a shared bedroom for your little ones or are wanting to have the room ready before the baby comes and you want it to be surprised.

These modern and versatile bedrooms have never been so popular and out goes the baby blue and pastel pink for something that suits everyone and doesn’t look like the odd room in the house. Gender-neutral bedrooms look clean, bright and stunning. In this article, we will go through some helpful tips on creating a gender-neutral nursery.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to gender-neutral bedrooms, simple is the best way to go. Minimalist nurseries work on so many levels and they look much tidier and cleaner. Keep it nice and light, clutter-free and make all the dominant lines clean. Neutral colours and patterns go the best with gender-neutral nurseries as they go well for both genders. Add an oversized plant to add some colour and a large statement rug to contrast with the minimalism.

Focus On Play

Your children love to play so why not make that the focus of a bedroom with simple wooden toys and nordic styles. Keep the walls light (you will see a pattern with light walls) and the decor simple, but put emphasis on your children’s playtime and imaginary play. Having open shelves and easy access to draws will allow your child to get their toys and play with them for hours of fun. Creating a functional space where your children can play and sleep is a great idea for having a gender-neutral bedroom.

Go Boho

Boho is a style that is always in, it’s all about maximum comfort with a laid back modern approach. It really is a perfect style for a gender-neutral bedroom. Boho is a mix of personality with classic contemporary designs which creates a clear and clean aesthetic without looking too cluttered. This needs big old textures and patterns which is set behind light bright walls and earthy colours.

Bring The Outdoors To You

If you are looking for a gender-neutral bedroom that brings the outdoors to you, then just take a look outside. There is nothing more gender-neutral than the beauty of the outdoors to relax and clear the mind. There are so many different options for this style as it is completely up to you where you go with this. Whether it’s mountains, the ocean or the rainforest, it is going to make a huge difference to a gender-neutral bedroom. You can also add as many different furry friends or cuddly toys to match the decor or add some bedroom prints to finish the scene and add colour around the room.

Add Pattern To Your Room

Pattern is a scheme that has been doing very well in recent years, and it makes for a great gender-neutral bedroom. Dramatic patterns done well will not only make your room look bigger but will add another layer of texture to the scene. This can be on the wall, a rug, throw pillows and tie them all together with the same colours and materials. This makes for a great bedroom idea that will keep your children engaged. It is also a great idea as it makes a messy room look part of the scene.

Make It Monochrome

Black and white is a great option, you can’t really get more gender-neutral than black and white. Everyone loves it, it looks modern and crisp and can be done in many different ways. It provides a great contrast in colours and can create some really cool patterns. You could opt for paisley, or go big and bold with graphic design, the choice is yours. It will sure to be a bedroom to remember.

Use Rainbow Colours

Rather than just choosing a “boy” colour or a “girl” colour, why not opt for a whole range of colours. By introducing all the colours of a rainbow but on a light coloured background like white, will make everything stand out and give it that pop of colour it needs without compromising on being the gender-neutral room you want. With this eclectic scene, it is an easy one to accessorise due to you having so many different colours. 

As you can see there are many different ways in which you can create a beautiful room whilst also being gender-neutral. Just remember to go either bold or minimal with colours and opt for neutral colours where possible.

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